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Joined: 5/10/2009
Location: NE Oregon
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Posted: May/10/2009 12:59 AM PST

not positive that it works, if my mom was still alive she would know, but I've heard that human urine is the best defense against let your grandson pee in the bushes!!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ALL!!!
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Joined: 8/24/2008
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Posted: May/10/2009 6:31 AM PST

shanny LOL. I've read that human urine is a deterant and if you put out your human hair as a border line rabbits wont go near your plantings. I've done the hair thing but the urine, uhhm no. I also dig out the ashes from the fire pit and put it as a border around my fence. Ya know come to think of it, I haven't seen a rabbit at all since I started doing it years ago. I still get raccoons, golphers tho.. ugghh HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU TOO!!
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