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Need some tips on how to prune an Oleander bush.

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Posted: May/03/2009 3:56 PM PST

My boyfriend planted an Oleander bush 2yrs ago and has never pruned the bush and now it's falling over. I've never cared for an Oleander and want to make sure it's done properly. It's got pink blooms on it right now and we want to make sure it continues to bloom and look healthier than what it looks like now. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Posted: May/03/2009 5:58 PM PST

My initial reaction is "IT'S FALLING OVER????" Oleanders are so easy! Is it not planted very deep? How big is it? If it's still very small, it just may need more soil tamped around it's roots and be tied to a healty stake to make it grow upright. You don't want to plant it any deeper than it already is. Need a tad more info! I love Oleanders! They smell so good and are virtually pest free!
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Posted: May/04/2009 2:50 AM PST

I agree. I'm not sure what you mean by "falling over." If it is splaying out and not bushy, you can go down about halfway and clip off the branch close to where there is a leaf cluster to take the weight off. It should bush back up. Be sure to wash your hands well after handling. It is highly poisonous.
By the way, welcome to Garden Guides. Please let us know if this helps.
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