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Recommend a cactus for indoor low-light area

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Posted: Apr/30/2009 2:09 PM PST

I'm trying to find house plants that will do okay with (1) me and my brown thumb, and (2) in a room that gets very little sunlight. I thought a cactus might fill the bill. I prefer a type that won't get really big; however, I don't know much about cacti, so any suggestions for any kind, any size, are welcome. Also, must not be toxic to cats.
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Joined: 2/22/2009
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Posted: Apr/30/2009 7:38 PM PST

Most catci and succuletns need a lot of light and even direct sunlight. I have been reading a lot lately in the catcus forum at Garden Web because I have gotten into raising several types of cacti and succulents....there may be some that dont need a lot of light but most do. Maybe post over there and ask them, they have some great cacti people there.

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Posted: Nov/14/2009 1:35 PM PST

Christmas Cactus (Zygocactus or Schlumbergera) can be grown indoors with relatively low light and is more forgiving that other plants. It just wont flower as much.
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Posted: Dec/30/2009 7:13 PM PST

That is actually a thanksgiving cactus.

Here is a good site that showes the differances in the holiday cactus...most the so called 'christmas cactus' sold in stores is not that at all, it is the thanksgiving cactus..but it sells better sold under the christmas cactus name. tmas.html#recognition
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Posted: Jan/02/2010 5:55 AM PST

I agree with RR, Cacti grow best in light. I have quite a few plants myself and can't think of any that grow well in low or no bright light. I have the Thanksgiving (Christmas) cactus, it doesn't get "much" light in the location I keep it. It hasn't done really anything from grow or bloom in the 5 or more years I have had it. It sits next to a window that has louver shades, on a huge covered porch. I have been tempted to move it for years just haven't found the perfect location, due to its size. I feel I'm doing it a little injustice by not letting it live to its potential. This thread is reminding me to move it.
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Posted: Jan/02/2010 7:12 AM PST

If you will click on the tab 'plants' then put in 'low light plants' you will find some good information.
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Posted: Jan/18/2010 2:32 AM PST

Another great alternative to cactus are Mushrooms..They need very little to no sunlight and even very less amount of water..

As far as looks are concerned, the mushrooms i guess looks way better than cactus in a room...
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Posted: Jan/18/2010 7:40 PM PST

i have cacti seeds that are growing by a north? facing window sowed them maby a half a year plus ago? theyre growing IMPOSSABALLY slow fer me--i could show pics 3 months apart would look seconds apart not kidding-- aas fer shrooms they need a constant 76* i think or so

personally id suggest you grow some mint it is an herb can spread by cuttings or seeds (cuttings are really easy tho i yanked a seed from my uncles garden last year i think? maby was 2 years ago? meh i yanked it lol i knew thats exactally what it was from many years with mint it will take root in just plain tap water tho you will need to watch how much water it has make shure theres a fair bit in there i one year did a living flower arrangement fer my mom with my mint (even in containers i can cut it back 3-4 times a year an still have plenty lol) it will get long leggy to try to reach for light but it should grow in most conditions humans can live in okish (wont live belowfreezing) i dont think it needs much nutrients maby an occasional drop or 2 of fertalizer but outherwise long as its not dead its pretty forgiving i think (but i fail with medicinal aloe what do i know?)

good luck!! this will beyear 7 with containers fer me an im hoping year what? 2? orso starting my own seeds ill try to germinate a few of my stevia seeds with a heating mat i think (put on damp towell err like tp in ziploc on ziploc filled with air --reduce direct heat-- on the heating mat hopefully a few germinate an i can plant them in trays together) if you have questions dont hesitate to ask ok?
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Posted: May/23/2010 1:18 PM PST

Hi Shirley,

Two of my favorite plants from the cacti/succulent family are ponytail palms and snakeplants. I've included pictures for you below. They are hardy plants that do well in indoors, and did I mention that they are easy, easy, easy to take care of? I have written an entire article on how to grow cactus and succulents indoors which might be useful to you.

Hope this helps!



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