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Please Don't Laugh "Herbs here I Come"

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Posted: Apr/30/2009 3:50 AM PST

Ok I was thinking about planting some Herbs, But bear with me here, I would like to start with four. ("No More No Less" I love that Oswald Cartoon). So what is the best four to start with ? What dishes should I use them on as far as food or salads?. Help I'm tired of just using "Ms-Dash" and "Season All" stuff. I'm thinking about planting them in my blue tubs. Should I keep the seperated ?. The tubs as shown can be moved around when I get tired of looking at them in one place? Thanks GT


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Posted: May/01/2009 2:47 AM PST

CHIVES! They are great for baked potatoes!!! Perennial

marjoram: great in Italian cooking Perennial

basil: great in Italian cooking; tomato and basil salad! Annual, but you can root it and keep it going in the house in the winter.

rosemary: Great with chicken and all kinds of things. Perennial shrub.

Then there's thyme! Perennial

SAGE! Perennial

Oh, I could go on and on!
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Posted: May/01/2009 9:31 AM PST

My top 4 would be:

1. Basil
2. Parsley
3. Rosemary
4. Oregano

They all grow very easily and are used in a variety of recipes. Like Witt said, there are tons and tons of herbs. I just mentioned the above four because they seem to be the most versatile. Thyme is another good one.

Basil is used in any recipe that has tomatoes in it.
Parsley is used as a seasoning and as a base for chimichurri(Steak sauce)
Rosemary is used to add flavor to all types of meats, fish, and breads.
Oregano is used in just about anything Italian and lots of soups.

If you go with thyme, it's used in similar fashion to Rosemary and Oregano.

I also LOVE cilantro, but they tend to bolt too fast in my yard. You may have better luck up where you are, but I would wait until it gets colder.
damethod blog photos
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Posted: May/01/2009 9:32 AM PST

Chives are excellent as well, but I haven't had much luck with them either.
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Posted: May/03/2009 5:53 PM PST

My top four are, in order:


And check this out, for some herb cooking guidelines! /
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Posted: May/07/2009 8:44 AM PST

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Tyyyyyyyme! Sorry couldn't help myself

But really, I am about to plant herbs too, and wondered what the best one's would be. And which ones you should plant together, or seperate? I got a pot once from the store that had 3 different kinds in them, and one of them killed the others!
witt blog photos
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Posted: May/07/2009 11:54 AM PST

I'm thinking that GT has forgotten about this question. He hasn't been in here yet!

All of my listings like sun except parsley.Ooops! I didnt mention parsley! It's good to have too, but it doesn't take the harsh sun. That's like more shade.

As to planting them all in the same pot, I think that these could go into the same pot because they all are perennials, and if it really protected in the winter, they would come back.

chives, marjoram, thyme and sage. Rosemary I would put in a pot by itself. It needs good air circulation. Basil is an annual and I'd put a bunch in a pot together.
It would be fun just to see how they look and grow, but they would need room. You wouldn't want them all cramped up together.
Personally, I plant all mine in the flower beds.
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Posted: Jun/23/2009 7:28 AM PST


That way you can do Italian cooking (basil and oregano) and you can use the sage and thyme on just about everything else. Parsley is good, too, but it has such a delicate flavor that I wouldn't bother if you're limiting yourself to just four.
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Posted: Jun/24/2009 9:07 AM PST

Speaking of Oregano. Is it usually just a pain in the butt slow growing herb or am I doing something wrong?

I think basil is a good herb to start with. It grows pretty well and if you keep the tops pinched it will grow like mad.

Rosemary is another good one. I have had a hard time starting them from seed though. I got a plant and its doing well.
witt blog photos
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Posted: Jun/24/2009 9:41 AM PST

Chris, you must be doing something wrong with your oregano. I have to tame mine with a whip and a chair! It goes wild. I've got to go out and do some taming today before it takes over.
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