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GuiltTrip blog photos
Joined: 6/18/2008
Location: Florida
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Posted: Mar/26/2009 2:29 AM PST

Yes ! The Big Green Vegetable Eating Machines, What about those Sticky Tape Things, I tried one last season and the only thing it caught was my Arm, maybe I didn't have it adjusted right. Trap or Kill is what I'm looking for here . I may put a Bird Feeder in the Garden with just a little seeds in it , I don't want to start a "Government Hand Out Entitlement Program" I want them to work for Food -Later Guilt Trip
carolyncat353 blog photos
Joined: 4/29/2008
Location: Westlake, La
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Posted: Mar/26/2009 9:57 AM PST

Bird feeder in the garden makes lots of grass/weeds underneath. Best to put at the edge of the garden-that's where I have one and surprisingly, I don't have a lot of bugs in my garden.
Gardenshadow-z6 blog
Joined: 10/28/2008
Location: Sterling Heights, MI
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Posted: Mar/26/2009 10:02 AM PST

Guilt - I like your annalogy of the Government Hand Out Entitlement program. Ain't that the truth. But Carolyncat is right on about bird seed in the garden. That is like plantin' weeds. Good luck.

poeticpeony blog photos
Joined: 4/04/2006
Location: NE Ohio, deck chuckin' fool
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Posted: Mar/27/2009 3:34 PM PST

I had a green snake once and put a mantis and a grasshopper in the tank. The mantis attacked and munched the grasshopper and then the snake ate the mantis. I was just curious which the green snake would go after. That surprised me about the mantis! Maybe that would be an option to attract some mantises. I don't know what they like, but it's an idea.
witt blog photos
Joined: 3/28/2008
Location: Lancaster, SC
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Posted: Mar/28/2009 4:14 AM PST

That's why I like my Carolina wrens. They are bug eating machines. Oh, and chickens love the green grasshoppers.
aimee blog photos
Joined: 6/21/2008
Location: Indiana
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Posted: Mar/28/2009 9:40 PM PST

Will chickens eat slugs? Maybe I'll get a chicken. Will it scratch up my seedlings?
witt blog photos
Joined: 3/28/2008
Location: Lancaster, SC
Posts: 16643
Posted: Mar/29/2009 1:31 AM PST

I don't know about slugs, but I do know that chickens loves snails. Of course, Mama cracks the snails for them!
Yes, they WILL scratch up your seedlings and probably eat all your plants, too, that are delectable.
Lastniceguy photos
Joined: 3/01/2009
Location: So Cal
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Posted: Mar/30/2009 7:46 PM PST

The mantis is a carnivore. You can buy them (egg pods) at many nurseries. Great for pest control.
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