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Moving Rose of Sharon?

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Twiggybet1 blog photos
Joined: 8/08/2007
Location: Clinton Township, Michigan
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Posted: Mar/20/2009 10:48 PM PST

A few years ago I planted a Rose of Sharon in a corner of my backyard that needed some dressing up. The Rose of Sharon has been, well, languishing there. I am thinking it would be better suited to a different spot. I checked it today, and there seems to be buds on the branch tips, but I am pretty sure it is still dormant. My question is would now be a good time to move it, before it leafs out? How big of a rootball should I dig? It is still pretty small, only about 2' tall. The area it is in now gets quite a bit of afternoon shade, but a good amount of morning sun. The spot I would like to move it to gets more morning shade, but lots more afternoon sun. Any suggestions or hints?
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Posted: Mar/21/2009 3:28 AM PST

I am an avid "mover" and I moved five of mine last year about this time and they are fine. Same as you, I moved mine from a more-partial-shade area to a more-full-sun spot, and they are just starting to bud out now. But if you plan to move it, I would get a move on because it will be waking up soon.
If you start digging around a foot or so out from the main stem, you should be ok. Water well after transplant and also during dry times (no rain for more than a week) for the first season until established.
That's it ~ good luck!
Twiggybet1 blog photos
Joined: 8/08/2007
Location: Clinton Township, Michigan
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Posted: Mar/21/2009 11:15 AM PST

Thanks so much for the info. I will try to get it moved tomorrow, provided the ground out there isn't still frozen (much of it still is, especially in shady corners...)
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Posted: Apr/07/2009 6:34 PM PST

yep I'm way down in texas and mine is just starting to leaf out and I know if I would move it it would still live..they are hardy for sure
dirtdobber blog photos
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Posted: Apr/21/2009 10:19 AM PST

I have moved mine even later than this and it did fine. Also, they are really easy to root. I rooted some in water and thay have done well. Love this plant!
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Posted: Apr/22/2009 3:11 AM PST

I still am having trouble rooting one in water. I went to get some cuttings the other day, and the new growth had been burned up by that last freeze. I'm waiting for her to burst out again. I'm going to try both rooting in water and soil. Back when I was cleaning up the Back Forty and found all those rooting pots under the leaves, there was one in a pot. I have put it in the sun now and it appears to be growing. I am almost sure that it is an althea. Keep your fingers crossed.
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