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Joined: 3/20/2009
Location: Alabama
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Posted: Mar/20/2009 10:37 AM PST

I'm looking for guidance on planting a tree "fence" between me and my neighbor. I've been told leland pines are good for that. Howver, I'm not sure whether I have good soil. my soil is rocky with some clay and only about 3 feet deep before it hits serious stone. Would this kind of soil support leland pine root systems?
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Posted: Apr/01/2009 5:12 PM PST

That soil sounds a little too shallow for Leyland cypress, which generally have poor root systems. Even in good soil, Leylands are vulnerable to a number of bad foliar diseases like phomopsis, entomosporium tip blight, Seiridium canker, and others. I'd recommend Juniperis virginia (Eastern red cedar), which tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions and seems much more resistant to these diseases.
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Posted: Apr/01/2009 6:46 PM PST

Another evergreen tree to consider is Wax myrtle.
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