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oakleaf hydrangea and viburnums and shade

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Posted: Jan/10/2009 8:28 PM PST

Does anyone have any experience with viburnums or oakleaf hydrangeas in mostly shady situations? I have a spot on the north side of my house, right next to the steps to the back porch, that gets 2-3 hours of sun, then bright/filtered shade the rest of the day during summer; full, dense shade in winter. The full shade in winter won't be a problem for the hydrangea since it'll be dormant anyway, but it might be problematic for the viburnum if I get one, since some of them are evergreen or semi-evergreen.
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Posted: Jan/10/2009 9:02 PM PST

I don't really know about the viburnams but the oakleaf hydranga would do well but remember it gets really big. HTH
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Posted: Jan/17/2009 7:45 AM PST

Hi. I've had a double row vibernum back East that got mostly shade all day, with some filtered sun. It was just beautiful and did quite well. I have a Burkwoodii Vibernum in Prescott Arizona (northern AZ) and it is in mostly shade, again with some filtered sun. It gets lovely pinkish flowers in the spring which are very fragrant. It also does well. I think your spot would be good for this shrub. Check the varieties for which flower you might like. The double-row I had back East was so much prettier to me than the one I have now!

I'm not sure about the oak leave hydrangea. I just planted some hydrangea (Lace Cap and Endless Summer) in a very shady spot and am not sure about how they will bloom. I'll have to see what happens this year.



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