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Mulching Onions ?

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Posted: Dec/29/2008 8:14 AM PST

Do you mulch Onions, Ive set out six rows Onion sets on raised beds appox 28" wide , using a six inch spacing wire grid, the onions have taken off well, but noticed the little weeds also have taken off as well, on my hands and knees I with Maggie's help pulled and hand raked the onions all 850 of them . the weed pulling and hand tilling didn't take long about an hour with great conversation between myself and Twin # 2 Maggie. I was wondering can you mulch Onions ? would they make the big bulbs ? Ive read that you keep the dirt soft and pulled away from the base ? Weed pulling is not bad when we gonna eat all those Onion Rings says Maggie, Just Weeding -Guilt Trip


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Posted: Jun/30/2009 6:46 AM PST

I know--I know--jumping up and down!!
This year, after I planted my onions, I applied corn gluten meal from the feed store--then I LIGHTLY scattered straw over the bed.
The corn gluten meal needs to be applied again middle of the summer--but my onions are huge, and almost ready to harvest-and no weeds!
Corn Gluten meal is whats in "Preen"--without the chemicals.
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Posted: Aug/16/2009 7:54 AM PST

I also tried a light layer of straw over my onions. There were a couple of weeds but not nearly as many as last year. The onions also look very very nice.
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