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Tea roses

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I had a beautiful tea rose blooming all summer and even up until a week ago. The weather has now turned cold and since it is in a pot I want to know how it should be pruned and kept over the winter. Must I move it indoors and how do I care for it. Ken
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Posted: Nov/28/2008 5:00 PM PST

Ken, sorry for the delay in answering

When prepping the rose for Winter, allow the plant to go dormant before bringing into shelter. This will require exposing rose to several heavy frosts. If necessary, plant can be pruned for space consideration, but only prune what is absolutely essential.

5. Rose can be kept in unheated garage or shed, even if temperatures fall below the freezing mark.

6. Watering will be required every 1-2 months. Do not allow plant to dry out.

7. In the Spring, the container may be brought outside for daytime sunshine and heat.

Plant should be returned to cover for evenings to avoid heavy frost exposure. Plant will grow larger, quicker and bloom sooner under these conditions


Transplanting the rose is also an option, and is especially useful for miniature roses if storage space like a garage or basement is available. After killing frost, the rose is dug and transplanted into a container. It should also be pruned lightly to compensate for root loss and hand-stripped of any remaining leaves. It's also a good idea to apply a fungicide at this time, and if stored in a heated location, treated with an insecticide/miticide. The storage facility need not be heated, but it should remain above 10°F (-12°C). Light is not a requirement, since the rose will be dormant. Use caution to ensure the container's soil does not dry; check soil moisture periodically.

Ortho's guide to Rose's also recommends letting the rose go dormant, and placing it in a cool to cold (10-50) degree environment, and not letting the soil dry out.

hope this helps
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