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Lessons learned regarding wood mulch up to now.

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damethod blog photos
Joined: 5/04/2008
Location: Miami, FL
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Posted: Nov/04/2008 3:08 PM PST

Citrus not like mulch.

Mango and mulch, but not too close to the trunk.

Bananas and berries...LOVE mulch. You can mulch every inch...they will love you for it.

Herbs and veggies...I mulch just enough to keep dirt from splashing up onto the plants. They seem to be grateful for it.

Keep in mind that I have only used two mulches. One is the red wood chips that most commercial properties around here use around their trees for appearance..and most recently I tried Cypress wood mulch. It doesn't have the look appeal that the red mulch does, but seems to be better for the soil.
GuiltTrip blog photos
Joined: 6/18/2008
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Posted: Feb/26/2009 2:35 AM PST

I use old hay, Grass clippings(lawn sweeper)and shredded leaves, Later Guilt Trip
chrispaul97 blog photos
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Posted: Mar/11/2009 11:21 AM PST

I just bought some kind of black decorative mulch. I hope this is okay to use on my berries and roses.
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