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Late Planting

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Joined: 10/25/2008
Location: New York State
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Posted: Oct/25/2008 2:17 AM PST

I'm in the Northeast (New York)and it is almost Haloween ! Is it too late to plant perennials? If so, how can I preserve them over the winter so I can plant them in the spring?
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Joined: 3/28/2008
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Posted: Oct/25/2008 5:07 AM PST

It's not too late to plant shrubs, but I'm not sure what perennials you want to plant now.
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Joined: 4/02/2003
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Posted: Oct/26/2008 8:46 PM PST

I am in zone 5.. if the soil is not frozen you should be able to plant the plants you have. I would water them and mulch..I am not sure they would make it over winter in the house or garage
Joined: 9/05/2008
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Posted: Nov/03/2008 8:35 PM PST

I just planted some oriental poppies and iris' on Sunday. I just water well and mulch with dried grass clippings or straw. I'm going to replant my strawberry plants too. Will do the same for them. So it's not too late to plant perennials.
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