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Planting tulips now question zone 9

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Posted: Oct/19/2008 2:54 PM PST

Id like to plant some tulips now but i wondered do they have to be put in fridge for awhile before i plant them? I just bought pansy's and i want to plant those over the bulbs for color til the bulbs come thru then bloom.
what should be the spacing and deepness planted for each bulb and can i plant them all in 1 day or should i space them so they dont all bloom at once?
I dont want to keep the pansy's unplanted for very long. thanks Tura
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Posted: Oct/19/2008 5:21 PM PST

Just in case you still get a hankering for tulips:

Before You Plant

If you live in California or one of the Gulf States, you may need to refrigerate your tulip bulbs to "force dormancy". Consult a "USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map" and check if you're located in Zone 8, 9, 10 or 11. If you live in one of these Zones, you must force dormancy. (Plant Hardiness Zone maps are easy to find in any gardening book, on the back of seed packets, at a local garden store or from the Extension Service.)

Here's Why: Tulips are accustomed to a change of seasons and a cold period. In order to plant tulips outdoors and meet the chilling requirements, the soil temperatures must be 40-45 degrees or colder. Since temperatures your region may not meet this chilling requirement, your tulips might not grow without it.

How To Force Dormancy
You must refrigerate your bulbs at 40-45 degrees for at least 6 weeks. To be ready for planting the week of January 4th, your bulbs must be in the refrigerator by November 24th. Place the bulbs in a brown paper bag. If possible, put them in peat and keep them moist but not wet. Do not remove them until you are ready to plant.

Very Important: Do Not Store Fruit in Your Refrigerator at the Same Time With Tulips! Apples and other fruits give off ethylene gas, a natural by-product of ripening fruit. This gas will delay or kill the flower buds. Therefore, do not store tulips or any flower bulbs with fruit. ingWarm.html
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Posted: Oct/19/2008 5:42 PM PST

I don;t know about all that stuff Evonne quoted, but being in zone 9 and having planted tulips ONCE! (cause they just don't seem to do good for me!), YES, refrigerate for about 6 weeks in the crisper, without other things in there. Figure to plant in December (any earlier is too soon). Yeah, plant the pansies NOW! You can plant the bulbs in between the pansies later. My experience. I do see tulips blooming around here in February, so they will bloom in zone 9, but won't carry over for another year, at least not all, and if they do, the blooms will be small.
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Posted: Oct/19/2008 10:49 PM PST

I decided to plant daffodils instead or rather narcissus. They were only 14.99 for 32 bulbs and i didn't have to refrigerate them for 6 weeks before planting.
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