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Magnolia Tree

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judypatuddy blog photos
Joined: 4/05/2008
Location: Isabella Mo
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Posted: Oct/08/2008 7:53 PM PST

My neighbor's Magnolia Tree is producing cones......They are a beautiful rose color,now. They also contain red seeds. Is there a way to propagate trees from these seeds. I have never noticed the cones to be this color. I have taken the dried cones gilded them and used on my christmas tree. I would love to preserve this color, but I think after the red seeds pop out, they'll turn brown. I am curious about the red seeds,though.
Steppenwolf blog
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Posted: Oct/09/2008 2:40 AM PST

This may work for preserving the color. There are both water based and petroleum based clear paint like products. Now a days most people think "polyurethanes" when thinking about clear paint products and of course they come in spray cans for small jobs and paint brush size cans of liquid for other things. One of those other things is ( one way that i use it ) is to dip something in. i've dipped and sprayed pine cones and a holly branch with red berries. Each process resulted in a slightly different result.
You also should be aware that not all clear coat products whether water based or oil based have their own "consequence" ( that's what i call it but it's more like a characteristic )
One thing that i noticed is that oil based anything seems to take longer to dry than water based paint products. And oil based products seem to have a more chemical(ly) lingering smell, in some cases long after the object painted is dry.
i can't remember which one but something that i dipped pine cones in allowed the smell of the pine cones to seep through. And now that i'm thinking about it it may have been a completely different type of product called "water seal" such as Thompsons Water Seal most commonly used on decks because the seep into the wood and retain the color.
One more word on retaining the color. Most of the products will darken the color initially but the original color will return for the most part.
Sorry, i thought the last sentence was the last word by i though about another report of an experience. One spray can product that i think i picked up at Home Depot ( more than likely on sale...i'm known to buy lots of paints in the oppps
section ) This product seemed to enhance the color of virtually anything that is coated.
Try a few products in a few ways and see how they turn out over time. If you decide to try this it might be fun to take a bunch of digital photos. If you set up a stage ( staging area ) and places the object(s) including the product in the same places and set the camera up on a tripod also in the same place you can create a time lapse movie of each product and results that follow. i did this the hard way back in 1985 with my first cam-corder. The results were actually very impressive. If i can find it and convert it to a current format i'll post it here.
Let us know how things turn out.
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As far as the seeds propagating new plants: here's a very interesting site

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Back in college, my girlfriend lived in an old southern mini-mansion with a hugh "Sugar Magnolia" tree that i could smell a few blocks away when i'd ride my bike over for a little afternoon delight. The smell of that tree made such an impression...recently a friend from church who gives botanical tours here in the Raleigh "Triangle" area of NC gave me three flowers in a paper cup and told me to "just add water" and they wood root. The flowers were so small that i found it hard to believe...but she was right and now i've transplanted them in potting soil and they are growing nicely. However her bush didn't smell as sweet as my old college flame's...but i'm betting that i can sweeten her up with some of my secret ingredients and special sauce.
Let's see if i'm successful ( i'm doing the time lapse series )
judypatuddy blog photos
Joined: 4/05/2008
Location: Isabella Mo
Posts: 104
Posted: Oct/09/2008 9:52 AM PST

Thanks,I'll try the dipping into polyurethane. The seed are also very bright red. I'll check out the website. Also, I'll spray some of the seeds. Hoepfully, they will retain their color.
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