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Fescue & Bermuda

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Posted: Sep/11/2008 12:42 PM PST

Hello there! I just moved into a new home, and there is an area in the back yard where the grass doesn't grow. I can tell there is bermuda growing throughout the rest of the yard, and the dirt spot is under a tree that was giving too much shade I think. I recently planted the area in question (approx 2wks ago) with Fescue seed, and it has come up. I also cut a few limbs from the tree. There are some bare patches still remaining, as expected, but will the fescue fill in itself, or do I need to get more seed? Or, will the bermuda begin to send out runners towards the fescue? If that happens, will it kill the fescue? Also, my neck of the woods is getting more rain than usual, and I have standing water in my new fescue and I'm worried it is drowning. Since I can't stop mother nature, there isn't much I can do about the rain, but will it kill the new sprouts I have now? They are about 2-4" tall right now. Please let me know what I should do to get my grass to grow appropriately. Thanks!
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Posted: Sep/17/2008 4:24 PM PST

Fescue tolerates shade more than bermuda. If the area is still relatively shady, the bermuda will probably not spread to that area.

Bermuda is a creeper and Fescue is not. If you want more Fescue, you must put down more seed. Each seed that sprouts will eventually grow into a little clump but there it will stay. Want more fescue ... add more seed later. Most people around my area reseed their fescue in the fall to keep it full and lush.

I like Zoysia the best of the three. Bermuda is a major thug and creeps aggressively into flower beds. Zoysia creeps but not so quickly so you can keep a handle on it. You may also look into Centipede or St. Augustine. You really should check on recommendations with your state Extension service. But generally, fescue is still the most shade tolerant.
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Posted: May/05/2009 9:56 AM PST

When we moved into our new home 8 years ago, the front lawn was sodded with bermuda, the back was seeded but did not take hold, I re-seeded over a period of 2 years with no luck and tried a number of things recommended to me but realized that we had almost no top soil for the grass to adhere to. The builders had apparently moved it elsewhere or distributed it all to the front. We had 4 truck loads of top soil brought in then spread, I re-seeded and as I expanded my flower beds in the front I would bring the bermuda/palets of sod to the backyard and transplant it there in areas where the grass seemed to avoid growing. Now my back yard looks really good. Bermuda does creep into the beds it takes work to keep it out, but fescue is not as drought tolerant and it does not seem to handle hot weather & full sun Fescue tends to re-seed itself. My neighbor did his whole front yard in fescue and those with sodded yards(bermuda) get frustrated trying to get his fescue out of their yards in the spring. test your lawn by purchasing a small bag of top soil, spread in an area and see if you get better results when you re-seed.
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