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Square Foot Planting - Round Container Tubs ?

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GuiltTrip blog photos
Joined: 6/18/2008
Location: Florida
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Posted: Sep/10/2008 3:13 AM PST

OK let see if I have this right, after trial and error several times , I have come up with this , so Help !
My containers are 24" across so I figured the area at 3.14 square foot. I have come up with this planting pattern

Spacing # Plants
4" 9 each
6" 8 each
8" 5-6 each
12" 4 each
14"-16" 3 each

I have been expermitting with spacing and I have found that plants like a little room,

I have three Bell Pepper plants in one tub they out produce the tub next to them with four plants in it. (no more four plant pepper tubs), Let's dig in the dirt Guilt trip
floridagirl blog photos
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Posted: Sep/13/2008 1:59 PM PST

Hey GuiltTrip,I'm just starting to try squarfoot gardening myself but that sounds about right. I'v never tried doing it in big pots but that sounds like a good idea, I use 5gal pots for tomatoes, peppers, and okra but would like to try it in one of those big pots you use. Where do you get them?
GuiltTrip blog photos
Joined: 6/18/2008
Location: Florida
Posts: 755
Posted: Sep/15/2008 3:59 AM PST

floridagirl, How many do you need, they were 2.50 each and Ms. Barb may still have some, let me know and I will pick them up for you. I will be going to Hudson to my roofing supplier on Wednesday and could drop them off ? at your work or your house, this will save ya gas. and I don't mind, Later Guilt Trip E-mail me, the tubs are plastic apple juice barrels cut in halh and they already drilled 4 holes in the bottom, but they need more holes and I will drill them for you (have drill and drilling mine no problem)
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