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Mulching on Hill - How to Keep Mulch in place?

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Posted: Sep/07/2008 8:27 PM PST

I have a hill in my back yard that is about 25% grade. It's pretty large (150'x30') and needs mulching as I've planted plants and now need to put mulch down to keep heat stress down and weeds.

I have used 'Gorilla Hair' in the past, and it does not last very long- water from heavy winter rains washes it down eventually.

I have done some research and found a product called: "Mulchhold" that is apparently like a water-based hairspray that you apply to the mulch, once down, and it fixates the mulch together. Anyone know anything about this?

Any other ideas on type of mulch or other ways to keep my mulch up on the hill?
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Posted: Sep/08/2008 10:17 AM PST

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Posted: Sep/10/2008 9:32 AM PST

Depending on how closely you can match the color and how much you care about the appearance, you might try applying bird netting over the mulch.

Just a thought.

Good luck.

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Posted: Sep/10/2008 3:44 PM PST

I have recently visited California and I saw that "gorilla hair" mulch. It is pretty finely textured so it will break down fairly quickly and be gone.

For a slope, the best mulch is a coarsely chopped blend of uneven pieces. This allows the pieces to knit together and stay in place. It is usually a mixed hardwood mulch. By contrast, large and lightweight pieces of pine bark (nuggets as they are called) tend to float away in a hard rain and are easily strewn about by dogs or foot traffic. Small pine bark nuggets and mulch fines also float and they also degrade rather quick (a good choice if you are wanting to quickly add organic material to your soil and don't mind topping them off on a regular basis).

I'm not sure if you can find the right mulch in the stores (I looked over the choices in OSH and Home Depot wasn't any better), you may have to inquire at landscape supply places that deliver mulch in bulk (that is, via truck).
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Posted: Oct/08/2008 4:54 PM PST

I have a similar problem. I purchased "no float" mulch at Home Depot. It worked better than some mulches I have tried but I still haven't found a perfect solution.
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Posted: Oct/08/2008 5:15 PM PST

cypress wood chips?
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Posted: Oct/09/2008 6:08 AM PST

Pine straw? They tend to knit together and stay put here in wind and heavy rain. But I don't have any hills so don't know how well they will stay put on a slope.
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Posted: Feb/28/2012 8:15 AM PST

I found a product called EnviroHold that works great. It is like a hairspray for mulch and holds it in place on hills and slope areas. I sprayed it on my hilly backyard and it has held for the whole season. They sell it online if you want to check out their website: Good luck!
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