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I am having problems with my lawnmover. Can anybody help me?

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Posted: Aug/30/2008 4:05 PM PST

Dear Friends,

This is the first time I am joining to a forum. I was cutting my grass a few days ago. I ran over a stump. My mover stopped right away. I tried to restart it but didn't start. I checked the blade and it was bented. I put a new one in. Didn't work. Then I realized that one of that very little tiny pins (the ones that stabilize the blade from moving)on the sides of the hole where the blade goes in is broke. I read the manual and it was saying that the blade adapter may cause the machine not to start. I am asking you guys if what else my problem can be?

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Posted: Sep/10/2008 8:27 AM PST

Is it a push mower? If so you probably sheered the pin in the fly wheel. Its not really hard to fix if you have any mechanical skills.
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Posted: Nov/05/2008 10:19 AM PST

In most cases its the blade adapter or the fly wheel key.(Or both) even a bent blade if its not replaced.
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I'm going with the flywheel key, OK let's see if I got this right, #1 remove the two screws from the front of the pull cord housing and the two from the rear housing (by the spark plug). #2, ratchet/bearing(for pull cord release) in the center of the flywheel has a screen on it, remove those two little screws, # 3 take a hammer (your not driving nails now so loose that thought) tap the screw ears lightly and the collar with the stem sticking up will screw off (oh! if the stem has an oil hole go ahead and oil that ), after the cap is off place a couple wood handles or strips under the flywheel pry up a little and tap with hammer (this baby is aluminum don't beat it)it will pop loose. # 4 remove the sheared half moon shaped key and go to auto parts store and get another one. reverse the format and your ready. Oh! brush all old grass and junk from the motor head and cooling fins before assembly. Just for Laughs get two keys if you hit something big enought to shear the key chances your going to need more, Later and good Luck Guilt Trip
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