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Purchased trees, wait till fall to plant, or get in ground ASAP?

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Posted: Aug/28/2008 7:59 AM PST

Hi, folks. I'm new here. I perused the topics, but didn't see an answer to this specific question. The local nursery recently had a huge 50% off sale and I bought a flowering plum tree, a red-twig dogwood shrub, and several firethorns at a great deal. I know this isn't an ideal time of year to plant, so I was wondering if it's better to keep them in their pots, in a cooler area of the yard, and well watered and wait till the fall, or if it's better to get them into the ground as soon as possible, maybe planting them in the evening on a cooler day? Thanks, everyone!
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Posted: Aug/28/2008 8:37 AM PST

I would say to go ahead and plant them. They most likely have been in those pots long enough. Watering them is key the first year and mulch as well. Just don't place the mulch upon the tree trunk. Mulch is to protect the roots of the plant not the trunk itself.

Good Luck with your new trees. Linda B
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Posted: Aug/28/2008 9:39 AM PST

I guess it depends on your weather right now, and what sort of shape they are in in their pots.
I would wait for evening or a cool, overcast day and plant them now if they look kind of sad in their pots.
Otherwise I would put them in a shady part of the yard and keep them watered until cooler weather arrives.
In either case, after-planting watering is key for the first year at least to get them established. Water deeply!
I just got a great deal on a weeping japanese maple, and have temporarily planted it. Only because I needed to bare-root it to get it home from PA, and the weather has been very nice with 80 degree days and overcast skies. Otherwise I would have re-potted it and kept it in the shade until the end of September.
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Posted: Sep/29/2008 12:08 PM PST

Plant, plant, plant! Any time is a good time to plant something that is in a container. The key is watering! The longer your plant has to get rooted and ready for winter, the better chance it has. Keeping it in a container just gives is that much more chance of the roots drying and having shock issues. And, as Aurora has said, deep watering, especially for the first year, is essential.
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