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  Ramps for Zone 10

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zone10guy blog photos
Joined: 8/15/2008
Location: Long Beach, CA
Posts: 4
Posted: Aug/15/2008 4:11 PM PST

Ever since I enjoyed ramps for the first time at my sister's in Wisconsin last spring I've been on a hunt for ramps. I'm not even sure they would survive here along Southern California coast but willing to give it a try.

Any ideas where to find ramps?

TulsaRose photos
Joined: 10/26/2004
Location: Tulsa OK z7a
Posts: 232
Posted: Aug/16/2008 4:08 AM PST

Hi Zone10Guy...welcome to the group. I think you'll like it here.

I have to admit my ignorance of "Ramps" but I did find some good info by doing a Google search. They are Allium tricoccum...the same genus as onions (A.cepa), chives (A. schoenoprasum), and garlic (A. sativum)

Here's the info from Dave's Garden. There are two vendors listed that might carry the bulbs plus info on zone hardiness:

This website is very interesting, including the history, recipes and Tshirt: eek.htm

You can purchase young, in-season plants here: essionid=2a30f8297899$95$C44$
There are some yummy sounding recipes at the bottom of the page.

This has been very informative research for me as I don't know squat about veggie gardening.


P.S. After you Copy and Paste those url's...check them for blank spaces. Delete any found within the address or it won't work. For some odd reason, this website tosses in a few blanks periodically.
yardgranny6 blog photos
Joined: 7/05/2007
Posts: 4557
Posted: Aug/16/2008 12:07 PM PST

Boy I haven't throught about ramps since I left the high mountains of WV in Pocahontus county. They were a bit of a delicacy during the picking season. So good on an outside grill, under the trees, in deep shade, maybe in the evenings where you didn't know just what might be dropping down on the big handmade stone grill, built out of the rocks from the bank of the creek that ran by. Big fat steaks, sliced potaoes cooked right next to them and a nice big mound of ramps and or onions. Man,this takes me back a lot of years.

Just think, youth, no kids, lots of free time, no shopping malls, no cell phones it was 'A Little Bit Of Heaven, West Virginia'.

Thanks for the memories, Linda B
poeticpeony blog photos
Joined: 4/04/2006
Location: NE Ohio, deck chuckin' fool
Posts: 9437
Posted: Aug/16/2008 12:45 PM PST

The only way we get ramps to grow around here is to walk through the woods and find wild ones. They used to grow behind my mom's house in the woods, but someone else owns that property now. They like a damp, semi-swampy area so if you have a humid place they might grow there or maybe there's some kind that's adapted to your area.

Good luck and welcome to GG!
EvonneStoryteller photos
Joined: 7/02/2007
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 769
Posted: Aug/17/2008 6:45 PM PST

I had to look up the ramp info. They sound nice and the photos of the very tiny flowers are pretty! I found a few seed sources too by googling Allium tricoccum, as someone previously suggested.
aimee blog photos
Joined: 6/21/2008
Location: Indiana
Posts: 850
Posted: Aug/17/2008 7:47 PM PST

YardGranny - I used to have a boyfriend from West Virginia. They lived near Grafton. He always talked about finding wild ramps and morels in the spring and how delicious they were! I never made it over there for the Ramp Fest in.... where, Elkins?? I wish I would have done that.
fairygarden blog photos
Joined: 3/17/2008
Location: SC
Posts: 2104
Posted: Aug/20/2008 6:26 PM PST

I had never heard of ramps. Then lo and behold one of the chefs on Iron Chef used them. Said they were something of a delicacy since they are not commercially available.
EvonneStoryteller photos
Joined: 7/02/2007
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 769
Posted: Aug/21/2008 6:04 AM PST

I read you can get them in season at places like Whole Foods Market. (We sometimes call it Whole Paycheck. Lol.) Someone else mentioned farmer's markets as a possibility. isode_12/coq_au_vin_with_ramps.php Mention of wild leeks available in store. detail.php?IID=94
Seed and bare root plant available!!!
zone10guy blog photos
Joined: 8/15/2008
Location: Long Beach, CA
Posts: 4
Posted: Sep/13/2008 12:54 PM PST

WOW! Response has been great! I'll keep you posted about what comes of my quest to have ramps here in zone10. Does not sound promising but who knows!

Thanks everyone!

EvonneStoryteller photos
Joined: 7/02/2007
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 769
Posted: Jan/24/2009 9:01 AM PST

I am all excited about these now! I am going to order the plants from the plant site to plant this year in my woodland garden and see what happens! It does not sound like anyone has any.
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