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Which plants do squirrels eat in your garden?

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pinkdamsel photos
Joined: 8/14/2007
Location: New Orleans, La.
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Posted: Aug/01/2008 1:12 PM PST

I get so mad when I see these squirrels eating/destroying plants in my garden. They are so brazin, they just look at you and wait until you run them off before they stop eating your flowers.

The squirrels in my neighborhood have eaten my hibiscus leaves. They have even eaten roots of a new mandevilla out now called Crimson. It makes me so mad when I see them destroying my plants, I can't stand it.

I am wondering if they eat Alice DuPont Mandevillas. I planted to nice size vines trellising up my arbor. Keeping my eye on these pests for sure.

Which plants do squirrels eat in your garden?

sassmuffin blog photos
Joined: 2/16/2004
Location: west allis wisconsin
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Posted: Aug/01/2008 4:25 PM PST

Not only have they eaten plants, but 2 seat cushions from the patio furniture.

I use pepper wax spray, squirrel repelant, and moth balls on a rotating basis for the plants. I'm just sick about the cushions though, they were new this year to replace the one they ate last year........GRRRRRRRR!
witt blog photos
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Posted: Aug/02/2008 3:45 AM PST

The squirrels around here don't necessarily eat the plants, but they love to dig up things looking for acorns in the flower beds as if there are ten hundred gazillion of them on the edge of the woods where they have been raked. They love to pull up newly planted flowers, examine the roots, and toss them aside. They have torn up many a bird feeder as well.
The best deterrent that I know is a shotgun, but most folks nowadays don't believe in doing that.
Aurora blog photos
Joined: 4/24/2008
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Posted: Aug/02/2008 1:23 PM PST

For some odd, strange reason that I have yet to accurately determine, my local squirrels leave my plants alone They dig little holes in my gardens, but do no damage to my plants- I always see them in my fern/hosta beds, and my front Brugmansia bed (those are closest to the oak tree). They never bother my bird feeders, the pear tree, anything.
If I could figure out why I'd let everyone know!
carolyncat353 blog photos
Joined: 4/29/2008
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Posted: Aug/03/2008 7:40 AM PST

Peanut (my granddog) is my squirrel deterrent. I have feeders just for the squirrels. Even before Peanut moved in I have little problems with the squirrels. There are spotty locations with small patches of woods all around me, but everyone in our neighborhood has bird feeders, etc. Not too much problem with the squirrels, except for eating the birdseed.
gardenbook photos
Joined: 5/31/2008
Location: South Florida - Zone 9B/10
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Posted: Aug/04/2008 10:47 AM PST

We have bird feeders also so they always have something to eat. As long as I keep the feeder hooks greased they can't climb up, but there is always seed on the ground for them that falls out. (Funny to watch them slide down the pole) They never bother my plants so I am inclined to think it is because they have enough to eat otherwise. They do like trying to make nests under the eaves on the roof and crawling across the screen on my porch. I am not opposed to the occasional use of son's BB/pellet gun.
ElektraOddysey blog photos
Joined: 8/07/2008
Location: Massachusetts
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Posted: Aug/07/2008 10:18 AM PST

I HATE squirrels! The shotgun idea has crossed my mind more than once--how bout a wrist rocket or BB gun? Just kidding...heh. My dog used to be on squirrel patrol, but he got old, blind and is now, sadly gone!There's a cat in our barn who, I THINK gets them on the ground, but for awhile they'd moved into our ATTIC! My husband had to close up all the holes they'd eaten in our trim & soffit.

As for what they like to eat, they LOVE burying black walnuts in my potted plants on the deck, especially geraniums! The did kill one of 'em. And this year I strongly suspect they steal the seed pods of day lilies and other similar plants. Why else would those suddenly disappear (and they're not on the ground)?

Unfortunately, in this state, it's illegal to poison them. All they do is trap and release, ANNND, they're right back at your door! Where my husband grew up (outside Columbus, Ohio), he said lots of people used to kill and EAT them! Anyone know if that's still allowed?
pinkdamsel photos
Joined: 8/14/2007
Location: New Orleans, La.
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Posted: Aug/07/2008 6:58 PM PST

That is just terrible the squirrels have eaten your cushion seats. I'd want to kill them too. I have used cayanne pepper on my hibiscus only to have the pepper blown in my eyes. Grrrrrrr. Hate um.

Hi witt,
You are lucky your neighborhood squirrels don't eat your plants.
on the shotgun, the police would be at my house immediately if I use one.

Hi Aurora,
you too are lucky your squirrels don't eat your plantsw.

Hi Carolyn,
what do you feed your squirrels. We have a neighborhood outside cat who frequents my patio often. I feed the cat and the cat just looks at the squirrels rather than chases them. He does like lizzards tho.

Hi gardenbook,
Interesting idea to grease the feeders. I considered a BB gun but I do not have enough strength in my hands to use it.

Good for you. As I said earlier, Panther, our neighborhood cat merely looks at them. The squirrels are so brazin they come right up to my french doors and eat Panether's food from his dish.
carolyncat353 blog photos
Joined: 4/29/2008
Location: Westlake, La
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Posted: Aug/08/2008 10:24 AM PST

Squirrels love sunflower seeds, corn, several types of bird seed. At Lowe's you can buy a "corn cob" on a bungee cord for the squirrels. Both the squirrels and the birds love it. It can be hung from a tree branch, or from a hook or fence post. I have cats, too, and with both them and Peanut I don't have a problem with squirrels in my garden-only in the bird feeders.
pinkdamsel photos
Joined: 8/14/2007
Location: New Orleans, La.
Posts: 311
Posted: Aug/14/2008 10:53 AM PST

You are lucky Carolyn. I just can't seem to relish feeding squirrels. They are so greedy and brazin here. I don't think that would help this creatures any.
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