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Herbs for Alaska

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biyu_wolf_77 blog photos
Joined: 3/05/2008
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Posted: Aug/01/2008 7:29 PM PST

Originally posted by lissalanae21
biyuwolf is great with herbs. I wish she would come give mine a hand they look sad this year. I am not sure what i did wrong but she is who you need to ask she seems to know alot about herbs

lol thanks tho i think fer youres they in right conditions?? usially water will help them perk up or maby just beein out around them (id say outher things but dont feel like involving metaphysics lol)

an yea 5 years containers an i LOVE herbs lol
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Posted: Aug/02/2008 7:19 AM PST

Hey fellow Alaskan! I'm actually from Eagle River (14 mi outside of Anchorage). I've been living in Wisconsin for the last 2yrs but lived in Ak for 22yrs. I really miss it.

I grew these herbs in Eagle River, but keeping in mind we didn't get near the rainfall that Juneau gets, but we didn't get lots of sun due to Hiland Mtn blocking it:

thyme (lemon & regular)
basil (chocolate & regular)
mint (spearmint, pineapple mint)

I was never able to grow rosemary outside, it was too cold and not enough sun.

I would think that your biggest challenge might be temps & moisture. I think that most herbs like well drained soil & not too much water.

Good luck!
biyu_wolf_77 blog photos
Joined: 3/05/2008
Location: around
Posts: 1764
Posted: Aug/02/2008 8:13 AM PST

chocolate basil an pineapple mint sound AWESOME lol

an i use topsoil in my pots an all seem to thrive lol i rarely use fertaliser tho ill usially add compost/manure at the beginnin of the season so yea id think if too moist one could put under a porch ther light wouldnt be soo good but itd liikely help

--oh here we have mottled shade too lol (its b out half sun half shade due to the trees around an yea thrives here)
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Posted: Aug/11/2008 8:03 AM PST

Thanks,cheechako. Iv'e been at camp on vanc island for ten days.
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