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Posted: Jul/27/2008 1:51 PM PST

In the past I never liked gardening
well now that i'm an EX ive gotten interested in the wisteria (unsure about the American it does have purple flowers) thats been planted in my front yard since 1990ish because for the first time since i've been here (since Y2K), i've seen flowers on a day besides Easter...actually it has been all weekish, there are actually about 6 flowers....
so i'm thinking great....I can learn how to make this plant a couple of times a year.
but alas; I no 0 about what to do, when to do it etc. the whole thing
but I am willing to learn...
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Posted: Jul/28/2008 11:52 AM PST

Welcome to GG!
So, is the question how to get your wisteria to bloom? How to propagate it?
The main complaint with wisteria is that it doesn't bloom- I don't have that problem, mine will bloom throughout the summer. In fact, I have a couple of blooms on it right now!!! I have it narrowed down to a few things that I do that may be contributing:
1. They are both native- Wisteria frutucens (I think I have that spelled right LOL!) Most likely yours are either Chinese or Japanese as they are the most widely available. I had to look hard to find natives.
2. They are both located in full sun, planted in perennial beds, trained on arbors.
3. Because of their location in the beds they get minor root pruning fairly often when I am cultivating, planting, etc., and watered regularly
4. Except for a major haircut whenever they get too close to the house, or start twining around other plants, I don't do anything with them. I will prune them back whenever I feel like it- not necessarily at a certain time of the year.
5. They don't get fertilized- I don't use chemical fertilizers on any of my plants- Maybe a fish fertilizer twice a season.

Root pruning is a good way to induce a wisteria to bloom. Take a shovel and cut through some of the roots. They are pretty shallow so it's not hard to find them- they look a lot like some alien octopus creature spreading from the base of the plant LOL!

Propagation: They are really easy to propagate. The best way is to bend a vine down to the ground, wound the underside of it, stake it so that the wound stays under the soil. Abaout a year later it will have formed roots where the wound was and you can cut the vine from the parent plant, dig up and relocate. Or even easier is to look for "suckers"- little plants that start growing a little distance from the main plant. Just dig them up (you will root prune the parent in the process) and plant in their new home! Best done in the fall when the plants have gone dormant.
I have 4 suckers that I am going to dig up this fall and give to friends and family.
Hope some of that helps, and if those weren't your questions- -
I have pics of my wisteria in my "Flowers" album in my profile if you want to take a look
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