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plant identification - perennial without flowers so far

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Joined: 7/30/2007
Location: Reading, MA
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Posted: Jul/12/2008 7:11 AM PST

Its been a few years and I have not figured out what this is, nor do I remember any flowering, but this thing must flower in some way. Interesting aroma of leaves. Gets mostly shade with a little direct sun. Everything around it flowers just fine. What is it?



Aurora blog photos
Joined: 4/24/2008
Location: Chesapeake VA
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Posted: Jul/12/2008 8:07 AM PST

That certainly looks like something interesting
EvonneStoryteller photos
Joined: 7/02/2007
Location: Connecticut
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Posted: Jul/12/2008 10:31 AM PST

It could be a wild "cranesbill" geranium.
stereoman blog photos
Joined: 3/17/2008
Location: beautiful southern appalachians
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Posted: Jul/12/2008 4:10 PM PST

What Evonne said. We have alot of them around here.
RosemarieRo photos
Joined: 4/01/2008
Location: So. Calif nr beach-border
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Posted: Jul/12/2008 8:18 PM PST

Yes, I agree...looks like Geranium maculatum.
Joined: 7/30/2007
Location: Reading, MA
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Posted: Jul/14/2008 9:42 AM PST

I added a couple more photos for clarity on the original post, one specifically of the base of the plant. Actually, the aroma is quite nice.

I've looked at some pictures of cranesbill on internet but not an exact match. Are we sure that this is it? Also, still no flowers, why not, when would they come?

TulsaRose photos
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Posted: Jul/14/2008 4:39 PM PST

Your pictures look like the Hardy Geranium I've grown for several years. It blooms in late spring.

If you have doubts about the species you are growing, check out the info and pictures here:

told2b blog photos
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Posted: Jul/14/2008 10:24 PM PST

Thanks for the site Rosie. The leaf-shape pictures
all in one place should be a big help in IDing a plant.
But I must admit some of them are too subtle
in their differences.
TulsaRose photos
Joined: 10/26/2004
Location: Tulsa OK z7a
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Posted: Jul/15/2008 6:48 AM PST

Here's a shot of mine taken last April. With the differences in zones, yours should probably bloom in May? That may help you nail down a positive ID.



wross photos
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Location: North Carolina
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Posted: Jul/15/2008 3:49 PM PST

I had the EXACT same flower/plant and it did much better for me in full sun. They are great and have a wonderful spreading habit. Since I have moved I miss them. When I had them they attracted hummingbirds like crazy. Hardy geranium, they are a great little plant, make a wonderful border plant.
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