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Garlic sets?

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chrispaul97 blog photos
Joined: 6/11/2008
Location: Tennessee
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Posted: Jul/02/2008 9:22 AM PST

I've had a hard time finding any information on garlic online as in buying sets. I have heard some people say you can use the garlic from the grocery store to plant. How effective is this? Should I buy garlic sets? I found 1 website that sold sets. But I don't know if I should spend my money on that.
biyu_wolf_77 blog photos
Joined: 3/05/2008
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Posted: Jul/02/2008 10:58 AM PST

ive put the ones from the grocery store in water they started i havent really gotten far with any tho lol i think the grocery store is softneck tho--dont ask me what it means lol
trudy blog photos
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Posted: Jul/16/2008 2:33 AM PST

Its my understanding that softnecks store better an are mostly grown in the southern states. The hardnecks is the opposite. However I mostly grow the hardnecks an haven't had a problem with storage. Key IMO in getting the large cloves is to choose the largest of the cloves for the next seasons crop. As far as sets go I can't help you there. But from what I've read folks have had success with store bought garlic from planting. But you would need to find out when the best time to plant it in your area, here it is Oct/Nov. They have a long growing time.
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