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nittynu blog photos
Joined: 6/18/2008
Location: Pennsylvania
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Posted: Jun/23/2008 4:58 AM PST

My name is Jen. I live in Southwestern PA. I have always had house plants of some sorts. I believe my one phyladendrum (sp?) is almost ten years old. My favorite inside plant is a spider plant. I have numerous 'babies' in water all over the house. I just can't part with them. I worry that the new 'parent' is not going to mist, water and feed the way that I do.
This is my first year of outside planting. And I figured if I am going to do it, I might as well start from seeds. I have yuccas started that maybe next year might make it in. I took the seeds from a yucca down the street (yes, I asked) and started them from there. Needless to say they are my pride and joy.
Around outside I have a toilet for a planter, just some annual in the bowl and a hummingbird attractor in the tank. Around that bed is are gladiolas. Please forgive my ignorance of names and spelling. I will get better with time I
Next bed over are zennias, dahlia and I am not sure what to to border with. I have some type of flock started but can't remember what color it is....
I also have an overload of marigolds that I have no idea where to plant. Around my light pole is a clemetis. The bank opposite side of the zennia are my black eyed susans. I am hoping they take over the hillside. My mammoth sunflowers are planted in the next bed over. There are also two tulip trees that were here when we moved in.
Inside my rain barrel is a branch from a weeping willow tree. The roots are not quite strong enough to plant just yet.
That is about it in a nut shell for gardening.
I am married with two stepchildren that live with us. I am owned by a Boston Terrier, and a country mutt puppy. This is my second year in the country. I am still adapting to say the least....[/font]
bugnut blog photos
Joined: 9/06/2007
Location: Kellyville, Okla
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Posted: Jun/23/2008 6:35 AM PST

Welcome to Garden Guides, nittynu, don't woory about the spelling, we have speel check here but after making a couple attempts at respelling I just give up and let it go. he he.

fairygarden blog photos
Joined: 3/17/2008
Location: SC
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Posted: Jun/23/2008 7:33 AM PST

Hello and welcome to GG. Sounds like you have a pretty good start!
wolfwalkerpa photos
Joined: 3/20/2007
Location: central Pa.
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Posted: Jun/23/2008 8:45 AM PST

Its always nice to see another Pa.gardner join the GG. Great board and its easy to post pictures of your flowers and other garden pictures. pull up a bench and post away. lol
stereoman blog photos
Joined: 3/17/2008
Location: beautiful southern appalachians
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Posted: Jun/23/2008 9:07 AM PST

I saw that Pirates shirt in your photos, so I know you must be all right. Welcome! We vacationed in SW PA a couple summers ago. Had a great time at the Yough. You know?
FishinBC blog photos
Joined: 6/26/2006
Location: NW Arkansas
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Posted: Jun/23/2008 10:09 AM PST

Welcome to GG!
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