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can anyone tell me what this plant is.....

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Posted: Jun/18/2008 5:48 PM PST

I planted this, I dont remember what it is, I was hoping that someone here could identify this plant and let me know if it is really a perennial or just another weed pretending to be a perennial.
its about 2 foot tall and doing well in my garden here in NH so definitely cold hardy and we are a zone 3-4 depending.....
it is in full sun..... I have another photo other than this one if it would be helpful
appreciate your help with this.


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Posted: Jun/19/2008 4:23 AM PST

Looks like artemesia to me. I have both the variegated and the solid and they both spread if you let them.
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Posted: Jun/22/2008 8:16 AM PST

I agree- artimesia
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