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  HELP. how do i care for mums

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Posted: Jun/03/2008 9:07 AM PST

So im not much of a gardener. Never able to keep plants alive . My boyfriend just got me some yellow (ray?) mum flowers. Anyways, from what I have been reading sounds like they shouldnt bloom until the fall. Well its June and they have a bunch of flowers all over.Should i cut them back? how do you "pinch" flowers, should i if they are kept in a pot? Also, one person said they need lots of sun, another said very little? They will be kept in a pot since I live in an apartment, will that be a problem? As of right now i plan on keeping them in the sun until someone says not to.
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Posted: Jun/03/2008 9:52 AM PST

I have mine outside in full sun, but they are in the ground. If you have them in pots, I suppose you need to keep an eye out for keeping them watered.
I wondered about mums, too. I have read that you should keep clipping them back until July and then leave them alone to flower. Now I'm talking about the one that have come back through the winter, not ones in a pot bought flowering. One of mine has buds, but I don't know if I should cut them off now or not. I may be too late to be clipping them.
I sure hope there's someone on here that can answer both our questions. Sorry. I didn't mean to steal your thread.
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Posted: Jun/03/2008 10:11 AM PST

They have been ecouraged to bloom early. It is ok but not "natural". Plant them in the ground and let them finish blooming. Then deah head them. Keep them watered thru the summer and they will be fine for next year. Do not expect blooms this fall though.

Witt, af for pruning them the best way is trim back 1/3 on May 1st, 1/3 on June 1at and 1/3 on July 1st. NOTHING after that. This will keep them shorter and bushier and still allow the time to set bloom for the fall.
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Posted: Jun/03/2008 1:09 PM PST

I'm in a much more southern zone than you and Witt, MamaBear, but mine have been blooming twice a year for a while now. They are in bloom now, I will clip them back about 1/4-1/3 (depending on my Mood!), and they'll bloom again this fall. Mine are in the ground, south side of my house-absolutely full sun, and well watered cause they're right next to the water spout. In my profile photos I think you are able to get a glimpse of them on a back patio picture. I thought it was strange, too. Guess its the climate?
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Posted: Jun/04/2008 3:24 AM PST

What if they are already starting to make buds? Cut them anyway?
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Posted: Jun/04/2008 6:30 AM PST

I'd let them bloom, and then cut them back. Mine don't seem to have any idea of the seasons! Oh, to answer Jill's question about "Pinching". When you have several buds on a stem, you should pinch off some of the buds to make the others produce a bigger flower. I seldom pinch mine-they just make one big head!
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Posted: Jun/04/2008 10:39 AM PST

Mine have buds right now too. I figured I'd just let them bloom, then prune. Glad to know I was sort of thinking along the right lines....
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Posted: Jun/09/2008 5:23 PM PST

Good thread. Does this hold true for mums in pots? I have two potted mums. Both were/are in bloom, ending bloom, should I cut them back now? I'm zone 9a.
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Posted: Jun/09/2008 7:21 PM PST

Mine bloom twice a year. I've got them in the ground and full sun. As the flowers die on the first bloom, I pull off the dead flowers. (I use my thumb and pinch the dead flower off)

This is what they look like in the fall. The white ones.


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