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Kitty Recovery Time

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AngelsGarden blog photos
Joined: 5/30/2006
Location: Central Louisiana
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Posted: May/19/2008 5:48 PM PST

Bobby has been spending all of his time inside for the last week, with the exception of last night. We realized something was wrong when he came out from under the convertible to greet us. He was doing a 'hippity hop' on three legs. His new collar and tag were missing too. Since he wasn't putting ANY weight on his front leg at all we brought him inside for some recovery time. I was about to take him to the vet when he started getting better and being a stinker again. I am pretty sure that he got bit in a fight with another cat. But it could have been a bite from a mouse or rat too. So he is chillin' and a little loving harassment from the kids doesn't hurt either .

And yes, in that second pic he is putting his claws into my futon!!!


fozbot3 blog photos
Joined: 1/18/2005
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Posted: May/19/2008 8:24 PM PST

awwww... he just needed some sympathy and a little TLC. awwwl better.
carolyncat353 blog photos
Joined: 4/29/2008
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Posted: May/20/2008 10:23 AM PST

What a beautiful cat! With cats ya never know what they've gotten into...I lost my favorite little boy last October and he was always into something and it would show on his face!
biyu_wolf_77 blog photos
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Posted: Jul/11/2008 8:01 AM PST

can i assume that kitty is smart with his claws? kitten only uses them when she NEEDS to even then shees smart not ta hurt anyone lol
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