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New to Gardening In Alaska

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Posted: May/12/2008 9:17 AM PST

I would love to start a garden this year
I feel overwhelemed with all my choices
WE live in alaska on 5 acres so where do i start?
Also what local nurseries do you all recommend?
The wasilla Palmer area
thank you
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Posted: May/12/2008 10:08 AM PST

Welcome to GG! Wow, what a challenge a garden must be in Alaska! There are likely some of your neighbors who will stop by - but by all means visit a few local nurseries and get ideas. Are you willing to put in a small greenhouse? It might extend your growing season by a good bit. Are you planning fruits/veggies/flowers/all of the above?? Best of luck to you - and start with one litte spot at a time and it won't be so overwhelming.
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Joined: 5/12/2008
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Posted: May/13/2008 1:08 AM PST

Hi! I'm Naomi. I just moved to Alaska too. I live about 5 minutes out of Wasilla on the Anchorage side.
I'm fairly new to gardening myself, but even more so to this climate! I'm used to Pennsylvania.
I'm going to be aiming for more native plants just to try to keep it fairly low maintenance. I'm hoping to attract some butterflies and hummingbirds as well. A nice herb garden would be great too.
What about you? Any ideas on what you want to plant this spring? Well, best of luck with your gardening. I hope we can keep in touch.
Take care.

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Posted: May/13/2008 6:21 PM PST

Alaska is a pretty good place to grow a garden actually. Most people think that it is too cold and not enough sunlight. However some of the largest vegetables you have ever seen can be gawked at, when you go to state fair. The exceptionally long daylight hours in the summer and the warm weather seems to provide ideal growing conditions.
You may want to start with something small...a couple of plants and go from there.
It has been a few years since I have lived in Alaska (grew up in Anchorage/Eagle River areas), but the best place I had found for plants is P&M Gardens in Eagle River. The last time I checked they were still supplying the state with plants in the summer. As far as out in the valley area, I am not sure about any greenhouses or plant type stores. Your best bet for your specific area would be to ask around. There are also gardening clubs that you can join there as well.
An alternate option would be to purchase your plants and/or seeds online and have them shipped to you.
Hope this helps.
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