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Knock-Outs on sale at Lowes!

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Tam-Tam blog photos
Joined: 7/22/2007
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Posted: May/10/2008 8:32 AM PST

If you are interested in the Knock-Out roses, check your local Lowes store. Ours have Knock-outs, Double Knock-outs, and Rainbow Knock-outs in 8" pots on sale for $9.98 this week. They were very healthy and the Rainbows were prettier than I thought they would be.

I don't know how they got into my cart. I think they jumped in there when I was looking at ornamental grasses!

gardendude blog photos
Joined: 4/08/2008
Location: Richmond, VA
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Posted: May/12/2008 6:45 PM PST

Good to know, thanks for the tip! I've been scouring my back yard for some space that isn't already occupied by other plants, to make room for one.
maggieevans photos
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Posted: May/12/2008 8:57 PM PST

I went to Lowes this morning and they were sold out and won't have anymore till the middle of the week. They aren't on sale here tho. They are $16.95 but I still want some more of them. I believe the ones I got a couple weeks ago were in a gallon pot.
sassmuffin blog photos
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Posted: May/12/2008 9:05 PM PST

The boys gave me a gift card to the garden center for Mother's day, but my younger son (CB) who has a job, decided that wasn't enough and is going to buy me some more........ROSES. I finally had all the yard debris hauled away today so it is time to finally work on the south yard. I want to make that a perenial garden.
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