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time to plant?

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carebearluvzherkids photos
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Posted: Apr/29/2008 9:54 AM PST

whats the best time to plant vegetables in alabama?
just wondering some people say may some say june!
stereoman blog photos
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Posted: Apr/29/2008 5:19 PM PST

What a wonderfully zen question! I think the proper answer would be "when they are ready."

Different vegetables like different conditions for growth and flourishment. Right now, for example, my swiss chard is prospering and my tomatoes are struggling just a bit. Too cold for them; the soil is clammy.

If you want to grow eggplant or sweet potatoes or winter squash, you're better off waiting til summer, whenever that happens in your locale. Here it happens about a week into July.

I never plant potatoes. They come up on their own. When they are ready.
witt blog photos
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Posted: Apr/30/2008 3:31 AM PST

It depends on the plant. There are cool weather crops and hot weather crops. English peas are cool weather. Lettuce and spinach. Now tomatoes love the heat, so there's no hurry unless you're in competition to have the very first tomato. I got a list of when to plant what from the county extension for my area. Perhaps you could contact your extension.
karslinky blog photos
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Posted: Apr/30/2008 12:25 PM PST

[quote=stereoman]What a wonderfully zen question!
Stereoman, surely you have read 'zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance'!

for example, my swiss chard is prospering

REgarding swiss chard - I have never grown it, but my father was saying it has a longer growing season that spinach and cooks up just like it. Can it also be frozen? If I'm in NY is it too late to get it started??? We're in a frost alert this week!!
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