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New fern identification

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Posted: Apr/28/2008 8:59 AM PST

Everyone here is the guys always pull through for me. Recently I went to a local greenhouse and bought this cute fern. Problem is, no one knows what kind it is. I have looked all over the internet and can't find anything. It looks like a Boston with frilly leaves. I feel like I am going crazy since I can't find another one like it. Thanks to anyone who can help....jacquelin


sassmuffin blog photos
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Posted: Apr/28/2008 9:27 AM PST

It looks like a maidenhair fern, possibly a southern.
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Posted: Apr/28/2008 12:29 PM PST

Don't know.
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Posted: Apr/29/2008 4:45 AM PST

Your fern is so familiar, in fact I'm sure I had one years ago but can't remember its name. It is such a beautiful fern. Do know it is not a maidenhair. Have been scouring the net & have come up with some pics. The first is of a southern maidenhair fern & the other two are pics of dryopteris filix-mas or Parsley Male Fern. Trouble is there are so many dryopteris ferns & different looking ferns seem to be called the same name, . Hope this may be of some help.


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Posted: Sep/10/2009 6:46 AM PST

I have this fern! The original belonged to my great-grandmother who obtained it in the 1950's. Many people in our family have taken sections of it over the years. I've never been able to identify it. I noticed your posting is over a year old, have you been able to identify it yet?

Random handling tips: skin oils seem almost toxic to it, so wash hands before touching, also does well with more sunlight than a regular fern, likes to live out on the porch if you live in a temperate climate.
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Posted: Sep/10/2009 1:03 PM PST

I believe this is one of the named Nephrolepsis exaltata, Lace Fern. (types of frilly Boston Ferns)
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Posted: Sep/10/2009 3:52 PM PST

I have one similiar-Mine is called "Fluffy Ruffle Fern" (I don't know the botanical, but I bet Rosemarie is right on-or close!)
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Posted: Feb/24/2011 5:13 AM PST

I have a fern that looks just like the one pictured. It took me a while to find it, but I believe it is "Verona Lace" It is a nephrolepis, but I've forgotten the rest of the scientific name. I got mine from a quite elderly lady who got it from HER mother. She firmly believed it needed 'eggshell water' so I have done so at intervals (soak eggshells in cold water, then water the plant) I have only seen this plant one other place, and it was also a very elderly lady that had it, so I came to believe it was not common, and all the more special to me. Well, just this week the grocery store got in a bunch of ferns, and there were a couple there for $3.99. I actually bought 2 different ones, because I'm starting my own little 'fernery'


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Posted: Feb/25/2011 12:47 PM PST

To put in my 2 cents...I think it is whats called a "Florida Ruffle"
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