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trouble with water hycinth and thinking of adding a small fountain

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blueeyez_10 photos
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Posted: Jul/09/2008 12:01 PM PST

My comets have not had babies either but one of the bass had babies. And we have hundreds of tadpoles now.

I put a few new pictures of the bass and perch. They are not the easiet things to capture on film. Plus a picture of a lotus that we got from a nursery a couple of week ago.

One of the pictures show the tables that we have in the pool that we use as a shelf for the plants. I remember someone asking that question once.

Hope everyone has a nice afternoon!!
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Posted: Jul/09/2008 1:46 PM PST

Originally posted by wross
the clay (as it dries out) expands and has reshaped my preformed pond and the shelves are not level so i cannot put anything/pots on them.

Your ponds looks great, wross! I'd leave it alone if it were mine. But my secret to keeping my pond level was a half truckload of sand that went in before the preformed pond.[/quote]
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Posted: Jul/09/2008 2:36 PM PST

Spawning Triggers= Carp start looking for likely rendezvous sites at 41o. They get real serious at 63o and start thrashing around like wallowing hogs in the warm shallows -- usually late May in our neck of the woods. Females spew eggs like a commercial lawn service sprays your grass. They knock it off @ 81o.

Eggs, etc. Carps depend upon quantity for survival and it works for them. A five-pound female can spew 500,000 eggs. Some will survive no matter what. Carp eggs hatch slower in cool water and faster in warm water – very fast in heated aquaria.

I looked up this info for those of you trying to get babies from your fish. I would like to mention we were given 3 12 inch koi and a few smaller koi to start our pond with from a friend who had a population problem. We tried to buy some fancy fish once and got ick (sp)from the pet shop. It killed about 2/3 of the fish before we got it under control. We were on vacation and our house sitter didnt know to check the pond. Thank god at the time we had at least 25 koi and babies wich untill they change color to orange or white they are hard to count. The next year the population bounced back. I suggest if you have a friend with a well established pond to see if you can pay them for a fish or 2 so you take less of a chance and you will get larger fish for a smaller price. The larger the fish the larger the spawn. I hope this helps you guys wanting babies.
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