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Rediscovering the Rock Garden

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Posted: Apr/19/2008 12:52 PM PST

Hi Everyone,
We moved into a new house last winter. This spring, while raking the old pinestraw (commonly used as mulch in GA)out of the front bed, I discovered a number of large rocks (ranging from 1 SF to about 6 SF) in the front bed. the house is on a hill and the front bed is slightly sloped so I'm guessing that there was once a rock garden here but the former owners decided to cover it with pine straw rather than maintain it. I'm slowly uncovering the rocks and would like to bring the garden back to life. Does anyone have any advice for the clean up and rehab process? It appears that dirt and some sort of grassy stuff with quite a root system has covered parts of many of the rocks.

Thaks for any advice you can provide.
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Posted: Apr/20/2008 5:34 AM PST

It's hard to tell what it looks like without a picture, but my first thought is to kill the grassy thing with Round-up. Once that is out of there, then you can assess if you need to add some topsoil. While the weedkiller is working, I'd study up on what kinds of things would grow best in your area, taking in the account of their water and light needs. There are some lovely sedums that might do there. Ice plant, sedum reflexum, and others some for sun and some for shade that don't require much care. It sounds like a great project.
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Posted: Apr/20/2008 6:15 AM PST

Pictures! If it has been poorly tended you may need to move rocks/build up soil. I'll add creeping phlox, edelweiss, snow in summer and I have a creeping evergreen whose name escapes me, but it is common ground cover (and it will cover!). Small bulbs like grape hyacinth are great in the spring. Good luck!
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Posted: Apr/20/2008 11:31 AM PST

Rug juniper?
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Posted: Apr/20/2008 4:52 PM PST

It is a juniper, now that you mention it, but rug, creeping, I don't know.
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