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  Skyrocket juniper

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Posted: Apr/07/2008 3:36 PM PST

Hello everyone, i would like to plant skyrocket junipers as a privacy fence,(going infront of neighbors ugly chain link fence) i looked online and cant seem to get a exact distance to plant the trees apart for full coverage, has anyone used these as a privacy fence and if so what distance did you plant them? Thanks so much

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Posted: Apr/08/2008 12:13 PM PST

One is next to the fence, two is away from the fence on the flat part of the ground, third is trees tightly packed.

If you use Skyrocket it would not make sense to plant them close together.
A 5/6 foot tree would cost about $125 and you would hide what you are paying for (the rocket look). They grow about 3 feet wide at the bottom.


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Posted: Apr/08/2008 7:27 PM PST

WOW Told2b, that is good!! Here in SC we might use Cedar trees which are not as pricy. LB
Lisamarie photos
Joined: 4/05/2008
Location: Philly zone 7
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Posted: Apr/09/2008 2:02 PM PST

Whoooooooooooooa thanks for those coool pics, it sure gives me a better idea of what I am doin here. I thank you so much! I planted 2 of these skyrocket trees one on each side of my fathers grave, boy are they pretty, but as a screen it does take away from the rocket look. our nursery has them for 59.99 then if you buy 2 yiu get one free, (about 3 ft tall), I better research some more to see what else I could use, any suggestions let me know

Thanks again

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Posted: Jan/22/2009 6:50 PM PST

Please tell me where the skyrocket junipers grow best. It seems to me that I have seen thousands of them in Los Angeles, California, and only a few of them in the Louisville, KY area where I live. Do they grow well here? Does anyone know? Do they have to have special drainage or special soil? I hope to incorporate them into our front yard landscaping. Also, where is the nursery that has the three foot ones for $59.00? I will call them to see if they ship, or I will see if I can go there. Thanks so much!
----Fred Romney
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Posted: Jan/28/2009 8:33 AM PST

(From Dirr's Manual of Woody Landscape Plants)

Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket'
Size: 30'-40' at maturity
Hardiness: Zone 3b to 7 (Kentucky is listed as zone 6)
Growth rate: slow
Culture: withstands drought conditions very well; same requirements as other Junipers...not well adapted to high humidity and high nighttime temperatures; tolerates dry, sandy or clay soils, but also adapts to any soil that's well drained. Do best in open, sunny spots.
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Posted: Apr/28/2009 6:49 AM PST

I am considering planting skyrocket junipers as a screen but I have a big tree that provides more than dappled shade when leaves come out. There might be as much as 2 hours of sun per day in the summer, more in winter and early spring. I like all the attributes of the skyrocket juniper (need blue colour, height, low maintenance) but I don't have much sun. Does anyone know what would happen if I plant it where I need it, in shade. (ie, not grow a foot per year, not keep its blue colour?? would it be even more narrow in shade?) I also live in Ontario, which is a lot cooler in winter but is still an ok zone for junipers.

Thank you
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