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Too late to plant Tulips?

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SmittB14 photos
Joined: 3/16/2008
Location: Bloomington, IN
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Posted: Mar/23/2008 8:13 PM PST

Now, I know it's March and all, but I've had a box of tulips since last fall that I never managed to plant. Is it too late to plant them? I don't expect them to bloom, but I don't want them to just die in the ground for some reason.
bensmom98 blog photos
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Posted: Mar/24/2008 5:26 PM PST

I don't know what would happen if you planted them now, although I think that they would be alright and would flower next year. I also don't see why you couldn't just wait until the fall. I think as long as you keep them in a cool dark place they would be OK.
SmittB14 photos
Joined: 3/16/2008
Location: Bloomington, IN
Posts: 62
Posted: Mar/24/2008 6:05 PM PST

I just don't want anything to happen to them. I figure I'll try and keep them in a cool dry place till this fall. I don't want them just rotting or something in the soil.
doccat5 blog photos
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Posted: Mar/27/2008 4:25 PM PST

Just go ahead and plant them, they'll come up and bloom next spring. Tulips need a "chill" spell to bloom, so you aren't hurting a thing. Just throw a handful of bone meal in the hole and mix the dirt. Plant the bulbs, cover and water. You already ahead for next spring!
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Posted: Mar/28/2008 7:41 AM PST

In warm climates they can grow tulips if they chill them first. I think we can do that here too if you hurry and they can blossom before the real heat sets in. 090101_Spring_Bulbs.htm

"For tulips to grow they must experience a chill period. In the North this chill period is accomplished trough the cold winter weather. Here in San Antonio chill is achieved by placing the bulbs in the refrigerator for six to eight weeks. Put them in a brown paper sack or leave them in their box and place the bulbs in the vegetable crisper, definitely not the freezer."
FrazzledApril blog photos
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Posted: Apr/21/2008 4:16 PM PST

This is great! I just asked practically the same question and now wish I had read this first...

I just planted my bulbs too -- I know they won't flower, but hoped they would just kind of sit dormant until this winter when they get the chill they need and then pop up next spring -- here's to hoping!!
blueyedkitty04 blog photos
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Posted: May/05/2008 2:37 PM PST

My Mother-In-Law wants to plant bulbs now so that she can see where she has flowers during the late spring and through out the summer and know where it's safe to plant and how it will look the next season. So I think that she may try and plant them now (if she can find them in the flower yards etc). It's always great to try new things, that how we all learn!!

Happy Gardening!!

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