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Insects on night blooming jasmine ?

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Joined: 2/21/2008
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Posted: Feb/21/2008 6:04 PM PST

Something is eating my Cestrum nocturnum(night blooming jasmine) I live in SW Florida. What can i do or use. I have tried using soap but it does no good


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Joined: 11/09/2006
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Posted: Feb/25/2008 10:17 AM PST

You might want to try Neem oil, it is a bit stronger and still natural!
Joined: 2/29/2008
Location: Florida
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Posted: Feb/29/2008 1:11 PM PST

I had the same problem with my NBJ. I've had it for 3 years and last summer was the first time I experiened it. I took a leaf to my garden shop. It's a worm that's eating it. I've tried spraying it with liquid soap and water and I've tried dousing it with alchol and water - but it didn't really stop them from munching for long. The only thing that I found works is Seven.
If you do find something organic that stops them please let me know.
Good Luck!
Joined: 4/26/2008
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Posted: Apr/26/2008 7:38 PM PST

Did you solve the jesamine problem? My plant is almost gone and I hate to buy a new one to have the same thing happen. Thank you.
Joined: 9/24/2008
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Posted: Sep/24/2008 11:50 AM PST

I found that using "BT" (Bacillus thuringensis) works well in controlling these pests. You can find it at most garden shops. Follow the directions, mix in a spray bottle and apply allowing it to dry on the leaves. When the caterpillars eat the leaves they ingest the bacteria that in turn dine on the caterpillars. The BT is harmless to pets and humans. I re-apply about every 3-4 weeks. Note: I also add BT to my fountains to aid in mosquito control. There is a specific BT for 'skeeters' but the "regular" BT seems to work well too.
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Posted: Sep/24/2008 1:27 PM PST

have you tried dusting with diatomaceous earth? it seems to have helped in deterring the grasshoppers from beans.
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Posted: Jul/15/2009 4:35 AM PST

I have been in my Home for right on 3 years, today... Yippieeeeeee.. I love the neighborhood and the folks around me. Thank you's to the circumstances that brought me here and a very special person, friend, who showed me my way home. When you feel something is right, and meant to be, you have to move.

One of the special things about my decision was a 7 foot tall, 8 foot wide Night Blooming Jasmine that is living about 15 feet outside my front door. The 1st year was one without problems and then slowly I noticed that it was being eaten by a callapider, (as my niece used to call them in her baby years). I have yet to identify one as they seem to enter the soil, or the base of the plant, during daylight hours. I have, however, identified the moth by collecting a few coccons that have attatched themselves to all parts of my house and trash cans. I placed a few of them in a plastic ziplock bag and watched as they emerged as a very pretty purple and blue moth. The rest I sent to moth heaven, between their metamorphosis. Sorry.. I love my jasimine more than I love the callapiders that have almost desimated my love on a regular basis as there is a pretty regular cycle, when these insects make a home near the plant for their cycle.

I was having some good success with a Bayer concentrate product that feeds and provides a systemic pest control in one, for flowering plants, but my success tapered off and I sprayed 3 days ago with Thuricide BT, which I purchased at The Home Depot Garden Center. I am hoping that I can knock down the crawlers that feed on my beautiful Jasmine.

Is there an entimologist here that can speak about the particulars of this moth and the cycle that I need to attend to in order to quell the advance of this critter as I spray my jasmine with BT?

Thanks to Google that I found ya'll this morning..

Peace through Strength..

By the way,, If you use Seven,, that kills everything. Beneficial insects, as well as the pests. I don't like the thought of the killing coverage..
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Posted: Jul/15/2009 8:30 AM PST

Welcome. I'm glad that whatever brought you here, brought you here.

I don't know much about moths, but there is probably someone here that can tell you the best approach to the problem.

I hope to see more of you in the future with happy results.
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Posted: Jan/09/2010 4:28 PM PST

This is the small (1/4-inch) caterpillar that affects only the three NBJ plants in three separate planters surrounding my patio. Most of the damaged leaves look like your photo.

I am going to make a garlic spray remedy, per these instructions: ecticide.html


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Posted: Jan/29/2010 12:32 PM PST

Night blooming jasmine often get attacked by these insects but the soaping spray mostly works. As you said bit is not working with your plant, you may go and try neem oil or garlic spray on your leaves to get rid of these insects.

Hope it works for you.
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