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Unknown flower on bush

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Debstr blog photos
Joined: 1/12/2008
Location: Illinois
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Posted: Feb/05/2008 2:55 PM PST

This flower blooms on a bush type plant in zone 6 - it looks almost tropical to me and very much like a Hibiscus (just a guess on my part). I did take seeds this past fall and the second picture is the seedlings growing - so it appears I will have more of this plant. It seems very hardy. Does my guess of Hibiscus fit? I did notice a ton of (I want to say Japanese beetles) all over it last year so I will have to remedy that. Thanks for any advice! Debbie in IL


dimona photos
Joined: 1/28/2005
Location: Southwest Missouri
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Posted: Feb/05/2008 4:14 PM PST

I am probably wrong, but my guess is Rose of Sharon. Good Luck.
bensmom98 blog photos
Joined: 7/26/2006
Location: Lake Champlain Valley
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Posted: Feb/05/2008 4:26 PM PST

You are both right!! Hibiscus = Rose of Sharon. That's gorgeous, Deb. I pulled mine out last Spring because I thought it was dead. Turns out they are late to start leafing-out in the Spring.
yardgranny6 blog photos
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Posted: Feb/05/2008 5:34 PM PST

Yes, this is one I really like and bought a young red one last year. Don't expect it to bloom but do expect some good growth. It was field grown in my area so it should do well. Look at this site for pictures and info.

Linda B
Debstr blog photos
Joined: 1/12/2008
Location: Illinois
Posts: 35
Posted: Feb/05/2008 6:15 PM PST

Ok Thanks ... I will have to save more seed from this one, it seems so easy to grow. I just wonder how long it will take to get to the point of flowering but I will find out I guess It was flowering in clay soil by the way and I wasn't there to water it much, but when I was I gave it a few pitchers full! Thanks ya'll ... Debbie in IL
poeticpeony blog photos
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Posted: Feb/08/2008 10:57 AM PST

I found out the hard way that Rose of Sharon look like dead sticks until they all of a sudden start the leafing business. I have a transplant from a friend that I had to transplant so it hasn't bloomed yet. It's a couple years old.
Joined: 12/30/2007
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Posted: Mar/02/2008 9:09 AM PST

Definitely Rose of Sharon. And they are pretty hardy. When I moved to my place 8 years ago there were several growing wild in the creekbed, which has fairly deep shade---a bunch more grow from seed dropped by these plants each year. Another was down in the creek with the roots half washed away for a couple of years. I took cuttings from most and finally dug up the one half washed away...the cuttings almost all sprouted and the washout transplanted well for all that it was 4' tall and many of the roots had to be trimmed to get it out. They all seem to be doing well.

Leaing out late BTW saved these plants from the late freezes that het the past 2 years running.
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