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Questions about Minatures.

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Tam-Tam blog photos
Joined: 7/22/2007
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Posted: Sep/18/2007 3:27 PM PST

Hi Everyone,
J&P has minature roses on sale. Since they ship in the Fall, I was wondering how would be the best way of over-wintering them. I'm in zone 6b. Would it be ok to put them in pots now and keep them in the garage, or should I go ahead and plant them in the ground and mulch well and dig them up next Spring to put them in the pots. Or do minatures do better in the garden? I can't bring them into the house because I don't have enough light and my silly cat will try to eat them. Yes, she is that weird.
Suggestions are needed and welcomed

Thanks, Tam
sassmuffin blog photos
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Posted: Sep/19/2007 5:37 AM PST

Here is part of a reply I made in a different post, this may help you out.
Transplanting the rose is also an option, and is especially useful for miniature roses if storage space like a garage or basement is available. After killing frost, the rose is dug and transplanted into a container. It should also be pruned lightly to compensate for root loss and hand-stripped of any remaining leaves. It's also a good idea to apply a fungicide at this time, and if stored in a heated location, treated with an insecticide/miticide. The storage facility need not be heated, but it should remain above 10°F (-12°C). Light is not a requirement, since the rose will be dormant. Use caution to ensure the container's soil does not dry; check soil moisture periodically.

Ortho's guide to Rose's also recommends letting the rose go dormant, and placing it in a cool to cold (10-50 degree) environment, and not letting the soil dry out.

Hope this helps
poeticpeony blog photos
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Posted: Sep/19/2007 11:42 AM PST

I have a pink fairy rose at the back of my house facing west that has a lot of thyme growing around it. It was given to me over 5 years ago and I've never dug it out. However I did have 3 of them and the other 2 didn't survive the first winter. I'm in zone 5.
Tam-Tam blog photos
Joined: 7/22/2007
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Posted: Sep/19/2007 2:54 PM PST

Thanks for the help. Our winters are so unpredictable and I have yet to successfully over-winter anything but bulbs. I think that I will put them in the garden bed instead of the garage, just to be on the safe side.

SM-thanks for taking the time to repeat the info. Sorry I didn't find the other thread.

Poe- I bet your fairy rose w/thyme is adorable! J&P says that minatures are very disease resistant and hardy. I hope so. I have a small yard and I would love to put minatures here and there. I can just see hubby's face when he sees minature roses lined up against the garage.
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