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Identify this berry? Blue in color with a pit

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Joined: 8/22/2007
Location: Idaho
Posts: 2
Posted: Aug/22/2007 5:50 PM PST

I thought these were blueberries but they are not. They have a pea size pit inside and blue in color. I am in Idaho. Hope someone can help.



Joined: 8/22/2007
Location: Idaho
Posts: 2
Posted: Aug/22/2007 6:48 PM PST

Are the berriess poisionous? I read they were highly toxic to humans. I appreciate the info.

treeman blog photos
Joined: 3/29/2002
Posts: 2874
Posted: Aug/23/2007 5:07 AM PST

I can't ever remember anyone eating any, but never heard any reports of them being poisionous. I wouldn't try em tho. The Virginia creeper will have wonderfully colored red leaves in the fall.... one is best attributes. It does have agressive climbing tendrils, that remain after you pull the vines down, so I would restrict it to growing on something like a tree trunk or a wall you want to leave covered. It can pry wood siding loose so brick walls are better supports.
yardgranny6 blog photos
Joined: 7/05/2007
Posts: 4557
Posted: Aug/23/2007 7:07 PM PST

I know know about waxwings but I think starlings would eat anyting. If the birds eat them they can't be too bad. But I err on the side of caution myself. Great picture though.
spiceoflife blog photos
Joined: 7/30/2007
Location: Suburb of Boston, Massachusetts
Posts: 698
Posted: Aug/24/2007 7:22 PM PST

Cool. I bet I've seen Virginia creeper 1000 times and never noticed the berries, or any flowers on it for that matter. I also didn't know it was in the grape family. So that's two things I learned today. Thanks, Ron. :-)
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