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Posted: Aug/17/2007 5:41 AM PST

I bought a 6 - pack of a veggie from the garden store, that I was told was zucchini. Now I've grown zucchini before, and the leaves didn't look quite like I remembered. The pack was missing it's label, but the man who was helping me insisted that it was zucchini. The plants have now grown, and instead of a nice full zucchini plant, I have these vines that look similar to a melon vine, with white flowers. The flowers haven't turned into any fruits yet, they have just been falling off as these vines are now starting to take over the whole garden. I'm very curious as to what type of plant this is - I looked up pictures of canteloupe, honeydew, and watermelon, but those all have yellow flowers. Any ideas about what kind of plant I might have? Thanks!!!
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Posted: Aug/17/2007 7:59 AM PST

The only vine I have grown that had white flowers was Birdhouse Gourds. It was growing rampant, I kept having to trim it back. It also had a strange smell when trimmed or if leaves were crushed.

Maybe it will help if you can post pics of the vine, leaves and flowers.
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Posted: Sep/03/2007 4:24 PM PST

Yep I would say the same thing, Angel. I am growing bird house gourds and they are the only thing I have ever seen with white flowers.
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