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Joined: 7/13/2007
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Posted: Jul/13/2007 7:37 PM PST

my garden vegetables (tomatoe, zuchini, honeydew, watermelon, various peppers, and beans) grew to a good size but they seem to produce vegetables/fruit very slow. They also produce a low amount at one time at that. I live in the mid-california area with summer temp 90+ degrees, full sun, etc. I fetilize with 16-16-16, and give a good leaf feed of miracle grow every few weeks. is there something i could do differently?

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Posted: Jul/15/2007 6:32 AM PST

lower the nitrogen component of your fertilizers. Can the Miracle grow.... and try an organic fertilizer or a 5-10-10.
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Posted: Jul/15/2007 10:14 AM PST

I have been getting GREAT results watering with one TBSP epsom salt to every gallon of water for my potted veggies (my Jalapeno has lots of peppers and is potted) and just sprinkling handfuls around my beds and watering it in. That is all I am doing and I just picked my first Black Prince tomato yesterday and I put mine in late. I will not bow to a chemical fertilizer, I like organic, get some bugs and weed now and then, the nice, lazy route in my book. Miracle Grow bad. If you are going to do anything to boost growth rate I would never suggest anything beyond Gibberellic Acid (google it )
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