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DanaGardens photos
Joined: 7/03/2007
Location: Saylorsburg, Pa
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Posted: Jul/13/2007 4:47 AM PST

Here's another thing that I am flabbergasted about... OK... So Wisterias typically bloom in early-mid May in my area of Pa... BUT... I have been noticing that I am getting flower buds again on it! Anybody else ever heard of this? Wisteria blooming twice in a season?
KeyWee blog photos
Joined: 11/29/2006
Location: West Kentucky
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Posted: Jul/13/2007 6:02 AM PST

No ~ wisteria is not known to bloom more than once in a season, to my knowledge. I wonder if it has anything to do with the late freeze we had in April. Here in W-KY, the wisteria was in full bloom when it hit and the flowers were literally destroyed. Were you affected by the Easter freeze?
Edited to add: LOVE your datura slideshow!!
Joined: 7/29/2007
Location: Missouri
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Posted: Jul/31/2007 5:27 AM PST

I have wisteria in tree form. The tag said if watered enough later in the season, it could bloom again.
Prodigal_Gardener photos
Joined: 7/31/2007
Location: Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania
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Posted: Jul/31/2007 5:58 AM PST

Hi I'm new on this forum and happy to be here. I was doing a search on Wisteria blooming twice and your question came up. I guess my Wisteria is well watered and happy too because the blooms are popping up here and there. I love it!
sweetlebee blog photos
Joined: 5/09/2005
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Posted: Jul/31/2007 8:04 AM PST

My neighbor's also has a few blooms on it. Their wisteria never even bloomed until they started cutting it back hard every year.
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