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Can you cut back siberian iris foliage after bloom?

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sunflower209 photos
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Posted: Jun/12/2007 5:43 PM PST

My siberian irises were planted last spring. They came in and bloomed lovely this spring. But now that they are done, I want to cut back the green foliage - it just doesn't look very attractive. In the fall or spring, I will move them to the back of the garden where I can plant something of interest in front of them so I don't have this problem next year. Is the cutting back ok?
MamaBearBSA photos
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Posted: Jun/12/2007 7:14 PM PST

No you do not want to cut the foliage back. It is the foliage that creates the food storage that the plant needs to grow well next year. What I did was put day lilies in front of mine. By the time the Iris is done, the liles are just getting started.
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Posted: Jul/07/2007 5:23 AM PST

Really? I think Siberian Iris foliage is very attractive. Like an ornamental grass. It's a great fall accent too as the leaves turn a bright gold. I like to leave the seed pods too. They make a pleasant rattle sound, and I call them "Nature's windchimes". I don't cut them back until the leaves begin to fall over before winter.
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