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Stella d oro lillies not blooming

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Joined: 5/01/2007
Location: Virginia
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Posted: May/30/2007 11:50 PM PST

I love this lily due to it's pretty buttery yellow bloom but for some reason mine have stopped blooming at all, the plant is still there but is not blooming at all and does not look sick, does anyone know what would cause it to stop blooming? Do you need to divide these or plant them in a certain type of soil? I know I am doing something wrong, they have bloomed last year, but did not present me with many even then, help!
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Joined: 3/17/2006
Location: Aiken SC
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Posted: May/31/2007 6:53 AM PST

I don't have those exact ones. I really don't know but have you fertilized any?
That may help but I didn't think they really needed it.
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Joined: 9/12/2006
Location: Northern, NJ
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Posted: May/31/2007 8:58 AM PST

It does not have to be divided for several years but when the plants seem crowded and to be waning in vigor divide by simply splitting them apart; in fall or early next spring. Did something grow around/near them that is blocking the sun?
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Joined: 3/29/2002
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Posted: May/31/2007 9:12 AM PST

back to fertilization.... Have you fertilized? If so was it a high nitrogen fertilier. If the first number in the analysis is higher than the the other two then it is a high nitrogen feertilizer. High nitrogen levels will stimulate foliage growth at the expense of flowering.
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Joined: 4/10/2007
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Posted: May/31/2007 1:24 PM PST

I am still waiting for my daylillies to bloom. They are big, but no blooms yet.
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Joined: 4/14/2006
Location: arkansas
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Posted: May/31/2007 6:26 PM PST

They produce more blooms if you deadhead and don't allow seedheads to form. Mine sometimes seem to rest for a few weeks before producing new blooms. Good luck.
Joined: 5/01/2007
Location: Virginia
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Posted: May/31/2007 8:24 PM PST

Thanks everyone! I took a really good look at them today and realized they are really in a lot of weeds, so I am going to dig them up and get the weeds out and also divide them since they have not been divided in several years. I am also going to fertilize them, replant with new landscape fabric around them and lots of mulch.

Hubby just built a new rock patio around the other side of the house, he had to dig the embankment out to keep water from coming in the house so he figured if he had to do all that work, he might as well fix it back really nice, so I guess I will put the divisions around there.
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Joined: 1/28/2005
Location: Southwest Missouri
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Posted: Jun/02/2007 8:55 AM PST

OK, this has absolutely nothing to do with your Lilly problem, but i noticed you said your husband had to dig an embankment around the house. I got to ask, where in Virginia do you live? i used to live on Gwynn's Island, and we too had to dig around the house to keep water out. I loved it there so much I wish I could go back every day. But that also made me think, is it possible that your Lilly's are getting too much brackish water?
Joined: 5/01/2007
Location: Virginia
Posts: 42
Posted: Jun/02/2007 10:23 PM PST

I live in the southwestern part of Va.. I would put just southwest Va., but the minute you do that everyone thinks of West Va.

We live in the center of a hill and had the yard dug out to create a flat yard and over time mostly due to settling and my gardening, (its a wonder hubby did not take my shovel away, LOL) the slope that kept water out of the house settled and so hubby had to dig out both sides of the house and put a rock patio with a drain under them lower than the house, so that the water running off of the hill behind us would keep going down the hill instead of going in the house.

My stellas are not standing in water, we have had only one bad rain storm here and mostly I have been having to water my pots everyday. Your island sounds lovely, what city is it near? BTW the city I am near is Bristol, Va./Tn.. The dividing line between the states go right down the center of the street. Most people have heard of Bristol due to the Nascar races.
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Posted: Jun/11/2007 5:18 AM PST

When you put your landscape fabric down, allow enough room for growth .. I have had to go into one of my beds and keep cutting the fabric back because I did not allow room to expand.
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