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Telling the difference between Italian parsley and cilantro

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Posted: May/26/2007 10:19 AM PST

I planted italian parsley inside this year and moved it out. Then, I had volunteers come up of what I think is cilantro, but they look the same to me. So, other than smell, how can I tell the specific....I'm not catching on to this too easily!
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Posted: May/28/2007 2:02 PM PST

lol... this is funny because just this morning, I was looking at my young parsley and thinking how much it looks like the cilantro I have growing!!
the parsley leaves are much sturdier, cilantro has very limp sort of leaves, I find parsley much "greener" in color too. of course once the parsley gets bigger, it's easier to see the difference, it will be more of a big stalk, with lot's of little brances on it, the cilantro is more of a clump. hope this helps a bit!
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Posted: May/31/2007 9:20 AM PST

Mmm, to be 100% sure I always gently rub the leaf and sniff!
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Posted: Jun/03/2007 7:40 AM PST

Or pinch and nibble...
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Posted: Jun/03/2007 6:58 PM PST

As an avid cilantro fanatic--i always taste! Never fails...
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