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Flowering plant, foxglove/digitalis-esque

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crazybooklady photos
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Posted: May/23/2007 11:47 PM PST

Greetings all! Pleased to meet you....

This is my first spring/early summer in my new (old) home and I'm frantically trying to identify everything that's growing here. This is my first go-round with already established grounds, so please be gentle if I ask about something that seems woefully obvious.

Thus far, I know that I have plumeria, amaryllis, a black locust being choked to death by wysteria, an umbrella magnolia, a southern magnolia, plumbago all over, 3 healthy oaks, a Japanese persimmon, uncontrollable trumpet creepers, a graceful sycamore, entirely too many Brazilian pepper trees, a spineless cactus with a growth habit like that of a ficus tree, an unidentified citrus tree and a Tree of Heaven.

Occasionally, I find intentionally-planted plants starving for sun beneath the new growth of a pesky Brazilian pepper tree. This is one of those occasions...

The buds on their long clusters closely resemble shiny, pink-tipped waxy garlic cloves. I've not seen any variety of foxglove with funky buds like these. The foliage doesn't jive with the growth habit of digitalis, either. So perhaps that's not what it is at all. These photos do not represent the plant at its best. As I said, a Brazilian pepper is depriving it of sunlight. Can anyone offer assistance with this handsomely blooming critter? Photos attached.



greenthumbz blog photos
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Posted: Jun/03/2007 4:13 PM PST

this is my mystery is called shell ginger flower looks the same as yours???


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