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  Wrong soil? Will my plants die?

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meska photos
Joined: 4/29/2007
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Posted: Apr/29/2007 7:04 PM PST

Sweetlebee in container gardening forum suggested that I repost my question here because she said "we have some very knowledgable vegetable gardeners."

PLEASE HELP!!Has anyone ever used for your container a garden soil mix that is supposed to be worked into regular soil? I bought Sta-green garden soil for vegetables and flowers for my containers because regular potting soils did not specifically say "for veg." (I have NO experience with gardening at all but have always wanted to.) I planted from seeds last week and already have 2" tall bush green beans and tiny sprouts for carrots and lettuce. I was thrilled but went to buy more soil for strawberries and more greens and bought basically the same thing in Miracle Gro. Got it home, planted a couple things and saw a big circle that says "NOT FOR CONTAINERS." Checked old bag from Sta-green and it says in small letters at the bottom "not recommended for containers." My pots are big, 18" by about 15" deep. Called Lowes and garden man told me it should be okay since my pots are deep, but called 800 Miracle GRO help number and she told me it would definitely kill the plants, choke roots,etc. I've read about mixing your own mixes but have limited physical capabilities and have just about exhausted them. Do I leave it and see what happens or do I try to get someone to help me dump everything and start over? That's an awful lot of money but I feel like I have so much invested already that I hate to just give up on it. I feel really ignorant for not being more thorough to begin with. What should I do?
jonsroses photos
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Posted: May/08/2007 5:18 PM PST

No your plants shouldn't die. They will probably be fine. If you can get someone to help you just get a bag of compost and mix in with it. I believe you are actually supposed to mix it with native soil but the compost won't tell and neither will I.
meska photos
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Posted: May/15/2007 5:54 AM PST

Thank you very much. Will do.
criley photos
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Posted: Jun/13/2007 2:12 PM PST

I bought two large bags of organic soil and didnt read that it said NOT FOR CONTAINERS. When i put it in, i add perlite and a little manure and everything is perfectly fine! The only problem i encountered is that there are wood peices sometimes in the soil and little bark chunks...they get into my palms as i mix the soil, so my advise it so wear gloves. Personally I love the feeling of dirt on my hands so I struggle through the splinters. Good luck! Camille
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