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Greetings from N.E Pennsylvania

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Joined: 4/20/2007
Location: n.e pennsylvania
Posts: 2
Posted: Apr/20/2007 12:33 PM PST

hi, everyone
i was just searching for planting information, & came along this site, and i lurked around a little bit to get a glimpse.So i thought i would sign up & join in i look forward to sharing conversation,ideas,input,etc,etc..
sweetlebee blog photos
Joined: 5/09/2005
Posts: 19587
Posted: Apr/20/2007 12:56 PM PST

Well, you came to the right place. Glad to meet you!
bensmom98 blog photos
Joined: 7/26/2006
Location: Lake Champlain Valley
Posts: 9121
Posted: Apr/20/2007 3:43 PM PST

divaqs blog photos
Joined: 4/10/2007
Posts: 154
Posted: Apr/20/2007 9:33 PM PST

Lots of great information and people here. Great to have you!
treeman blog photos
Joined: 3/29/2002
Posts: 2874
Posted: Apr/21/2007 4:11 AM PST

welcome Happygardner.... from Northeast huh?.... maybe the Poconos? Welcome.
Joined: 4/22/2007
Location: middleboro
Posts: 14
Posted: Apr/22/2007 3:13 PM PST

Me,too. So far I seem to be completely inept at it. I hope to get the hang of it- so few rabid gardeners to chat with around here!
poeticpeony blog photos
Joined: 4/04/2006
Location: NE Ohio, deck chuckin' fool
Posts: 9437
Posted: Apr/22/2007 4:15 PM PST

Howdy howdy from NE Ohio!
Joined: 4/20/2007
Location: n.e pennsylvania
Posts: 2
Posted: Apr/23/2007 8:15 AM PST

thankyou all for such a warm welcome.....

the poconos yep, actually im in the outskirts of the poconos..
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